Water mill in Bohunice

Behind the village of Bohunice, on the Sikenica stream, a homestead was built, which connected a private living space with a water mill, where a complete technical facility has been preserved and shows how flour was ground in the past.


Lapidary in Komárno

If we want to understand the meaning of the word lapidary, we must translate the Latin word lapis – stone. Let’s visit the old historic town at the confluence of the Danube and Váh, which houses the Danube Museum in Komárno.


Dukla pass

The natural border between Slovakia and Poland is formed by the Dukliansky Pass. It is a place where heavy fighting took place in 1944, during World War II.


Ancient Gerulata

In Rusovce, which is now part of the capital, a stone pillar of an ancient building was accidentally discovered in 1961 during the restoration of the Danube dams.


Medieval camp under the Stará Ľubovňa castle

Under the castle, in the town of Stará Ľubovňa, a great group of creative people built a real-life model of a medieval military camp.


Aviation Museum Košice

Which child does not hold in his or her heart the dream of getting on a plane, turning on the engines and soaring to the clouds?


Water channel in the Rakytovo valley

In the middle of a quiet forest you will find a reconstructed water channel in the length of 2450 meters (1.5 miles) in the shape of a trough, made of coniferous wood.


Wheel Museum in Trenčín

In Trenčín you will find an interesting museum in which you will be able to see what the stone wheels from the period of 3500 BC looked like, to the wheels on which we are transported today.


Lakes Turzov

To experience a peaceful rest on the shores of a romantic lake, which is surrounded by beautiful coniferous forests, means visiting the Turzovské lakes.


Markušovce Manor House

One day visit is simply not enough for this unparalleled place in the east of Slovakia. Immerse yourself in the romantic history in the heart of the beautiful nature of Spiš.


Plavec Castle

The picturesque, open valley of the river Poprad near Stará Ľubovňa offers wonderful views of the wide surroundings from the elevated hills. Here lie the majestic ruins of Plaveč Castle.


Viglas Castle

The hotel and the castle in one in a beautiful setting was once an almost hopeless ruin. Today it is beautifully renovated and offers short-term and long-term recreation.


Sundial Drienčany

If you like Slovak fairy tales, regardless of age category, you will enjoy a trip to the magical Drienčany for their unusual sundial.


Strážky Manor House

The Strážky manor house is a part of Spišská Belá. Today it houses the Slovak National Gallery. Its architecture and the adjacent park sensitively respect surrounding nature.


City tower and sundial in Rožňava

Right in the city center is a 36.5 meter (120 ft) high Renaissance tower, which was built in the mid-17th century on the foundations of a much older Gothic building.

Holíč Castle

In the city park of Holíč, you can sit and taste trdelníky, a specialty from nearby Skalica. From the lower end of the park, information boards lead us to a national cultural monument, which was built in the 13th century.


Fortified monastery Bzovík

Near the town of Krupina there is a freely accessible monastery, that can be visited with smaller children. Only ruins have been preserved, which is ideal for adventurous discovery.

Water mill and small technical museum Kolárovo

Not far from the town of Kolárovo, on the southwestern outcrop of Žitný island, there is an interesting technical monument, a water mill set on two parallel boats.


Liptov museum in Ružomberok

Comprehensive picture of the nature of Liptov, its history from the earliest times to the present, artistic and historical treasures and history of paper manufacturing in Slovakia, all that can be found in Ruzomberok’s museum.


Čachtice Museum

The Cachtice Museum is branch exhibitions of the Trencin Museum. It is housed in the former Draskovic Renaissance manor house.


Oblazy Mills in Kvačianska valley

A national monument – complex of water mills Oblazy is located in a picturesque Kvacianska valley. It is an excellent place to relax and get to know the history of Liptov.


ZOO Bratislava

Bratislava ZOO in a pleasant scenery of Mlynska valley surrounded by deciduous forest, meadows and streams, accommodates 700 mammals, 200 birds and 40 reptiles. It lies on ​​96 hectares – if you want to see it all, you need more than one visit.


Havránok – Celtic settlement

Open-air museum in Havránok is the most important archeological monument in the Liptov region. It showcases the reconstruction of the Celts farm settlement.



A favorite summer spot of all those sexy residents of Kosice city, lake Bukovec is a recreation area that offers clean water and nice shores.


Situated in the south of Slovakia between the towns of Roznava and Lucenec, water reservoir Ruzina has the best climate and very warm and calm water to make any swimmer or fisherman happy.


The water reservoir Slnava, situated between the world famous spa town Piestany and the village Drahovce, is ideal for water sports and summer holiday.


Kuchajda Lake

Kuchajda is a great place near a major shopping mall to relax all year around. In summer you can swim or water bike, in winter it serves as an outdoor ice skating surface.


Zlaté piesky (Golden Sands)

A perfect mid-size natural lake only 7 km northeast of the capital’s old town. The water area stretches 400 metres, the grassy shore offers an ideal surface for many summer sport activities.


Vinné Lake

Situated just 10 km from Michalovce, north of Zemplinska Sirava dam, Vinne lake resort offers you everything for a great holiday in a wonderful forrested natural setting.



Recreation area Kunov is just 5 km away from Senica. Except the nice grassy shore around the water dam, there is a 250 m long sand beach.


The quiet area of Duchonka, at the foot of lovely mountains, is an ideal place for relaxation and recreation for whole families. It lies only 30 km from the spa town of Piestany.

Rusovce Lake

Easily accessible by bike from Petrzalka, this lake area is made up of two former water reservoirs. The water is clean and the greenery provides privacy. Also a popular naturist spot.


Slnečné jazerá (Sunny Lakes)

Located just a few minutes’ drive out of Bratislava, the recreation area made up of 5 individual lakes is a popular place during hot summer days.



The scenery of Domasa dam is marvellous – greeny bays, rich woods and flowering meadows. Its green-blue water is clear and has a self-cleaning ability.


Teplý Vrch

Teply Vrch dam (translates as a “warm hill”) has the highest average water temperature in Slovakia. Nice sandy beaches and lots of things to do make it a perfect place to spend your day!


Water in Cunovo Lake is the cleanest and clearest of all lakes in Bratislava. It is not deeper than 4 meters. There are two super grass beaches and you can taste Slovak beer and sausages in a buffet.

Zelená Voda (Green Water)

You do not have to travel far if you want to experience a real swimming heaven – it’s the Green Water, near the town Nove Mesto nad Vahom, just a couple of minutes from the D1 motorway.

Lake Draždiak

A lake created on the site of the digging hole, near the largest Bratislava residantial part Petrzalka, is a green oasis in the middle of the concrete panel jungle.


Ruzin dam is situated in the fabulous natural setting, not far from Kosice. The dam and its surroundings is a sought-after recreation place for many easterners.

Zemplínska Šírava

Well-known holiday resort of the biggest man-made lake in Slovakia provides exceptional conditions for water sports, fishing and hiking.


Liptovská Mara – the Liptov Sea

Liptovska Mara dam is a sought-after tourist destination under the Tatra peaks. This is the place to spend summer in Liptov!


Nitrianske Rudno

A water dam in the western Slovakia, just 12 km from the spa town of Bojnice, lies in the picturesque valley between the Strazovske and Magura mountains.

Oravská priehrada (Orava Dam)

The “Orava Sea”, spreading on the area of 35 km, has a magical natural scenery, many unique historical places around and even an Island of Art in its middle.


Palcmanská Maša

Palcmanská Masa is the largest water reservoir in the territory of the Slovak Paradise, created by the stream of Hnilec river. The reservoir is ​​about 85 ha large and contains a clean water perfect for summer activities.


Čertovica STIV Ski Resort

Skiing in the heart of the Low Tatras in Čertovica saddle is amazing. The main tourist artery leading along an entire ridge of Low Tatras leads through the saddle.

Winter Park Martinky

Winter Park Ski Resort Martinky is located in Little Fatra, directly above the town of Martin. It is known for its ski trails, beautiful scenery and views of all the Slovak mountains.


Ski resort Starý Smokovec

The Stary Smokovec ski center is divided into two sites: Jakubkova meadow and Hrebienok, both 600 m apart. Both are ideal for casual family skiing. Day and evening sledging at Hrebienok belong amongst the best winter experiences for kids.


Ski resort Štrbské Pleso

The highest point of the resort in the highest settlement in Slovakia is Solisko with an altitude of 1825 m. Strbske Pleso offers 9 km of beginner-friendly to advanced ski tracks on southern slopes of Solisko mountain, which are popular with families with children but also experienced skiers.

SKI Oravice

Modern SKI Oravice resort offers a unique combination of skiing and relax in a thermal park right at the foothill of the slopes. Add a beautiful panoramic views of High Tatras and you get a first-class level of ski experience!


Malinô Brdo Ski & Bike Park

Malinô Brdo, jedno z najlepších lyžiarskych stredísk na Slovensku, sa nachádza na okraji mesta Ružomberok, v podhorí Veľkej Fatry. Ski park ponúka 12 km nádherných zjazdoviek všetkých stupňov obtiažnosti. Jedna zo zjazdoviek je takmer 4 km dlhá!


Ski, Golf & Hotel Resort Tále

Tale Ski Resort is located 17 km north from the town of Brezno, under the southern slopes of Chopok. The resort offers 6 ski lifts and ski slopes with a total length of almost 3 km.


Ski resort Tatranská Lomnica

Located inside the beautiful scenery of High Tatras, this ski resort offers the most spectacular slopes, a highest and longest one in Slovakia among them – Lomnicke sedlo. You can ski down from 2190 meters above the sea level all the way down to Tatranská Lomnica, which makes for a 1300 m vertical drop.


Ski Mlynky

Holiday in the heart of the Slovak Paradise. SKI MLYNKY invites you to great skiing on its slopes and for the lovers of cross-country skiing there are kilometers of cross-country trails available.


Skipark Jasná Nízke Tatry

The largest SKI resort in Slovakia is located in the Low Tatras mountains and offers great conditions for winter sports for expert and beginner skiers. The monument of Jasna is definitely Chopok, the second highest peak of Low Tatras (2024 m), known for excellent ski and hiking options.


PARK SNOW Donovaly

Located between Banska Bystrica and Ruzomberok on the corner of Velka Fatra and Low Tatras, PARK SNOW Donovaly is everything you need for an unforgettable ski experience: more than 11 km of ski runs, 17 downhill runs, artificially covered with snow, excellent terrains for free-riding, peppered with a lot of rails and obstacles, magical evening skiing, ski and snowboard […]


SKI Resorts of Slovakia

Slovakia has something for the skier at every level. Local ski runs in the most surprising places, or wonderful modern longer runs are never more than a 30 minute drive from just about everywhere in the country. The best skiing in Slovakia is at the highest altitudes. Most resorts range geographically to the northeast (Donovaly, High Tatras, […]

Garden of Janko Kráľ

The oldest public park in Central Europe and the closest one to the city centre, Garden of Janko Kral is a favourite place for people to meet and relax.


Devínska Kobyla

A 514 m high hill with adjacent forests and meadows is your perfect destination, if you enjoy relaxing hikes where you can admire the beautiful scenery and wander around places marked by ancient history.


Stratenský canyon

Take a wonderful relaxing walk (on foot or by bike) through the short and very romantic canyon of the Hnilec stream, which stretches between the villages of Stratena and the Dobsinska ice cave.


Geravy gorge

Geravy is the most beautiful shortest gorge of Slovak Paradise. An adventurous semi-demanding ascent up the stream leads to a beautiful meadow in the middle of the forest with a mountain hotel.


Súľov Rocks

Súľovské rocks, a part of Strazovske mountains, are the “Slovak Dolomites”. Outstanding rock formations, castle ruins and gorgeous views make up for a perfect hiking trail.


Prosiecka and Kvačianska valley

Climb through bizarre gorge, wild waterfalls, stunning views of Liptov and a monument of old mills, the walk through picturesque Liptov twins promises all that.


Važecká Cave

In a distinctive village under the Tatras lies a fabulous cave. It is the ancient home of the cave bear, who lived and raised their young there 15,000 years ago.


Stanišovská Cave

Janska Valley conceals more than 200 caves, not accessible to the public… except for one. Stanisovska cave opened in 2010 thanks to caving enthusiasts offers a unique atmosphere to be experienced only with the light of your headlamp.


Ochtinská Aragonite Cave

Three generations of aragonite were discovered in the cave. The oldest is 138 thousand years old! Aragonite decoration in the shape of needles, tufts, branches, spirals, tips, sun and countless other forms was created by the activity of atmospheric waters in crystalline limestones of white and blue-gray color. The Milky Way Hall is perhaps the […]


Krásnohorská Cave

Rope girders, foot-bridges, ladders, extreme narrow spaces and other natural obstacies, all that awaits the visitor accompanied by a speleo-guide in Krasnohorska Cave, an UNESCO natural heritage site.


Jasovská Cave

Thanks to the enterprising monks from a nearby monastery, Jasovska cave is the oldest one in Slovakia open to the public – and that is since 1846.


Harmanecká Cave

This cave is located in Velka Fatra, in Harmanecka valley. No wonder that it got stuck with a name “White Cave”. The top wall is of pure limestone and there is a rich presence of soft white sinter.


Gombasecká Cave

This UNESCO listed cave in Slovak Karst has a specific feature: long tenuous sinter straws growing out of the ceiling. It’s fairytale flowstone rain!


Driny Cave

Only a short walk from the Smolenice castle, in the picturesque Little Carpathians, lies a charming underground world full of peculiar stalactites and atmospheric ponds.


Domica Cave

Domica Cave lies on the Slovak-Hungarian border and is part of a 25 km long cave system, out of which a quarter is located in Slovakia. It is a large (the largest in the Slovak Karst) and gorgeous. No wonder that UNESCO has added it to its list.


Dobšinská Ice Cave

One of the most famous ice caves in the world and the largest ice cave in Slovakia. The ice filling has a volume of 110.132 m3 and occurs in the form of ground ice, waterfalls, ice stalagmites and columns.


Demänovská Ice Cave

The Demänovská Ice Cave is located in the northern part of the Low Tatras in Liptov region within Demänovská Valley. It has the all year long ice filling.


Demänovská Cave of Liberty

The Demänovská Cave of Liberty is located in the northern part of the Low Tatras in Liptov region within Demänovská Valley. It is the most visited cave in Slovakia.


Cave of Dead Bats

Dead Bats Cave is located in the mountainous terrain and protected NAPANT area. It is a unique opportunity to visit a mysterious underground of Low Tatras.


Cave under Bojnice Castle

This little natural travertine cave under the castle is part of the Bojnice castle tour. It is interconnected with 26 m deep castle well.


Bystrianska Cave

The Bystrianska cave is located in the southern part of the Low Tatras in Banská Bystrica region, in close distance to the holiday resort of Tále.


Belianska Cave

Because of its great acoustic conditions, the concerts of classical canned music were organised here. In recent years, the cave is used for convalescent speleo-climatic stays.


Beckov Castle

Standing on a steep high cliff above Vah – the longest river of Slovakia, magnificent ruins of Beckov castle are a dominant feature on the horizon.


Ľubovniansky (Stará Ľubovňa) Castle

A large stone castle built in the 14th century to protect trade routes to Poland. It was an important administrative center, as well as a shelter for the Polish crown jewels.


Devín Castle

The well-preserved ruin is noted for a marvellous geographical position, offering terrific panorama views upon the confluence of Danube and Morava rivers.


Bojnice Castle

Romantic fairy-tale Bojnice Castle is one of the most visited and most attractive castles in central Europe. The Chateau is located near Prievidza, on the edge of the Strážovské vrchy mountains over the town of Bojnice.


Spiš Castle

In the lands of Spis, the north-western region of Eastern Slovakia, large castle is standing proudly on the hill above the plebs.


Slovak Paradise National Park

Slovak Paradise (Slovensky raj) features lively forests, wide meadows and plateaus, chasms, canyons, gorges, underground caves (as many as 350!) and garrulous waterfalls.