Water mill in Bohunice

Water mill in Bohunice
Photo by:
Miloslav Vercik

Behind the village of Bohunice, on the Sikenica stream, a homestead was built, which connected a private living space with a water mill, where a complete technical facility has been preserved and shows how flour was ground in the past.

The mill of the former miller Pavol Turčan has a yard and a garden, a living area furnished with period furniture, a barn and finally a functional mill with a wheel shed. This type of water mill has a top wheel drive, so the water falls from above.

The mill, not far from the upper end of the village Bohunice, can be reached directly by car.

The attraction is part of the Tekovské Museum in Levice. Awesome events such as the Night of Museums or Farm Sunday are also held here.

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