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Welcome to Slovakia

Slovakia is a small and colorful country in Central Europe, full of lovely surprises. Let's explore it together!

Currency: € Euro
Population: 5.5 million
Capital: Bratislava

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Let's explore the treasures of Slovakia, where nothing is further than couple of hours away!

  • The Royal Capital

    One of the oldest towns in Europe, yet among the newest European capitals, Bratislava is blossoming with youthful energy. Many come to see it for it's lively nightlife and beautiful women. And it's only one hour from Vienna!

  • Unbelievable Mountains

    High Tatras are the smallest alps of the world and yet its rich, diverse and unique alpine nature makes tourists, hikers, skiers, climbers, scientists, photographers and artists always coming back. Tatras give you a different experience for every visit.

  • Stones of History and Fantasy

    Some as eerie ruins and others as fully restored museum pieces, castles, chataeaux and manors are an inseparable part of Slovakia's landscape. Never are you further than an easy day trip from a castle worth seeing.

  • King's Fairytale Castle

    Bojnice - King's Matthias favorite place is the most romantic among Slovakia's castles. A trip to the castle, local thermal spa or the oldest ZOO in Slovakia is a must, especially during the International Festival of Ghosts and Monsters (april/may).

  • Magical Underground Spaces

    12 absolutely unique caves are open to public accross Slovakia. Massive stalagmite and ice formations, purest tarns and darkest holes, beautiful domes and magical paths, anyone from cavers - adventurers to families with little children will be fascinated.

  • A Real Paradise

    Slovak Paradise, an unusually precious piece of land, has its name by right. This little national park is full of gorges, ravines, waterfalls, cliffs and caves, connected by adventurous-looking ladders and bridges, which make for a lifetime impression.

  • A Place to Have Fun

    Kosice, the lovely metropolis of Eastern Slovakia is the next European Capital of Culture. Experience the vibrant life, music, festivals, theater, opera, great cuisine in old town. Be a part of the world's second oldest marathon - the Kosice Peace Marathon.

  • Thermal SPAs across Slovakia

    Slovakia is rich in healing thermal springs and mineral water sources. The town of Piestany is best known for its medicinal thermal water and curative mud. There's nothing better after a good ski or hiking day than to put your body into a healing hot pool.

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