The scenery of Domasa dam is marvellous - greeny bays, rich woods and flowering meadows. Its green-blue water is clear and has a self-cleaning ability.

Water reservoir Domasa is located in a scenic hilly region, in the district of Vranov nad Toplou, eastern Slovakia. There are several summer resorts around this dam. All are suitable for healthy swimming in summer 2013:

You'll find several hotels, guesthouses, cottages or campings around the lake, all reasonably priced. Music festivals take place here in the summer. In September you may watch the yacht races.

Water temperature of around 23 °C is perfect for swimming in clean water from June to September. Domasa is also great for water sports, hiking and biking (try the bike tour around Domasa, 40 km). The shore has various surfaces, there are rocks, grass, nice forests perfect for mushroom picking. Various species of birds and fish live here happily.  

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