Slovakia is full of beautiful caves and underground places. Many of them are hidden and undiscovered, many can be entered only by experienced cavers. Only a handful of 2400+ caves in Slovakia are to be seen and admired by a public eye.

A cave is a remarkable natural phenomena. It is a large underground space created naturally by the weathering of rock. 

The caves of Slovak Karst system are listed in the UNESCO’s World Heritage List.  These caves are noted for having the world’s highest stalagmite, aragonite and sinter formations and an ice filled abyss, which considering the territory’s height above sea level, is a unique phenomenon for central Europe.

Belianska Cave

Because of its great acoustic conditions, the concerts of classical canned music were organised here. In recent years, the cave is used for convalescent speleo-climatic stays.


Bystrianska Cave

The Bystrianska cave is located in the southern part of the Low Tatras in Banská Bystrica region, in close distance to the holiday resort of Tále.


Cave under Bojnice Castle

This little natural travertine cave under the castle is part of the Bojnice castle tour. It is interconnected with 26 m deep castle well.


Cave of Dead Bats

Dead Bats Cave is located in the mountainous terrain and protected NAPANT area. It is a unique opportunity to visit a mysterious underground of Low Tatras.


Demänovská Cave of Liberty

The Demänovská Cave of Liberty is located in the northern part of the Low Tatras in Liptov region within Demänovská Valley. It is the most visited cave in Slovakia.


Demänovská Ice Cave

The Demänovská Ice Cave is located in the northern part of the Low Tatras in Liptov region within Demänovská Valley. It has the all year long ice filling.


Dobšinská Ice Cave

One of the most famous ice caves in the world and the largest ice cave in Slovakia. The ice filling has a volume of 110.132 m3 and occurs in the form of ground ice, waterfalls, ice stalagmites and columns.


Domica Cave

Domica Cave lies on the Slovak-Hungarian border and is part of a 25 km long cave system, out of which a quarter is located in Slovakia. It is a large (the largest in the Slovak Karst) and gorgeous. No wonder that UNESCO has added it to its list.


Driny Cave

Only a short walk from the Smolenice castle, in the picturesque Little Carpathians, lies a charming underground world full of peculiar stalactites and atmospheric ponds.


Gombasecká Cave

This UNESCO listed cave in Slovak Karst has a specific feature: long tenuous sinter straws growing out of the ceiling. It’s fairytale flowstone rain!


Harmanecká Cave

This cave is located in Velka Fatra, in Harmanecka valley. No wonder that it got stuck with a name “White Cave”. The top wall is of pure limestone and there is a rich presence of soft white sinter.


Jasovská Cave

Thanks to the enterprising monks from a nearby monastery, Jasovska cave is the oldest one in Slovakia open to the public – and that is since 1846.


Krásnohorská Cave

Rope girders, foot-bridges, ladders, extreme narrow spaces and other natural obstacies, all that awaits the visitor accompanied by a speleo-guide in Krasnohorska Cave, an UNESCO natural heritage site.


Ochtinská Aragonite Cave

Three generations of aragonite were discovered in the cave. The oldest is 138 thousand years old! Aragonite decoration in the shape of needles, tufts, branches, spirals, tips, sun and countless other forms was created by the activity of atmospheric waters in crystalline limestones of white and blue-gray color. The Milky Way Hall is perhaps the […]


Stanišovská Cave

Janska Valley conceals more than 200 caves, not accessible to the public… except for one. Stanisovska cave opened in 2010 thanks to caving enthusiasts offers a unique atmosphere to be experienced only with the light of your headlamp.


Važecká Cave

In a distinctive village under the Tatras lies a fabulous cave. It is the ancient home of the cave bear, who lived and raised their young there 15,000 years ago.


Zlá Diera (Bad Hole) Cave

Bad Hole Cave in eastern Slovakia in the Bachuren mountains is the only accessible private cave in the Presov region. We recommended it for all romantics and crawlers.