Aquaparks & Waterparks in Slovakia

To unwind, relax comfortably in a warm pool or in the sauna, have a massage or slide in a fun tobogane, visit one of popular Slovakia aquaparks or thermalparks!

Aquapark is a water theme park, which includes several indoor and outdoor pools. An essential part of the water park are various attractions such as water slides, fountains, wild river, whirlpool, spa, sauna, boulder wall, jungle gyms for kids and many more.

In Slovakia, there are several water parks open year-round, where people of all ages can have much fun (or well-earned relax)!

  • Aquapark Tatralandia
  • Aquapark Oravice
  • Aquathermal Senec
  • AquaCity Poprad
  • Water Paradise Vyhne
  • SPA & AQUAPARK Turčianske Teplice
  • Thermal Park Bešeňová
  • Thermal Park Dunajská Streda
  • Thermal Park Horné Saliby
  • Holidaypark Kováčová
  • Thermal Park Komárno
  • Water Park Štrand Emila Ratárika Nové Zámky
  • Thermal Park Patince – Patrek
  • Thermal Park Podhájska
  • Thermal Park VERONIKA – Rajec
  • Thermal Park Laura, Rajecké Teplice
  • Recrational complex Vadaš
  • Thermal Park Topoľníky
  • Thermal Park Vrbov
  • Thermal Park Veľký Meder