Hiking & Walking

Slovakia offers many opportunities for hiking, walking, trekking and nordic walking – from demanding alpine tour in the smallest European mountains of High Tatras to a simple walk in the beautiful woods. About 40% or Slovakia is forested.

Choose one of our trip tips and/or hire a qualified guide (we’ve got the best ones for you) that accompanies individual tourists and groups on mountain tours, to visit places that you would not dare to go alone, or do not know the right way.

If planning for a trip in mountains, make sure you respect the nature and stay safe!

Peaks – the classics 

Every good Slovak hiker knows that his life would not be complete without conquering these peaks:

KrivanRysy, Gerlach (Gerlachovsky Peak only with a mountain guide) in High Tatras, in the Low Tatras Dumbier and Chopok, in Little Fatra Rozsutce.

Tips for awesome hiking in Slovakia

Prosiecka and Kvačianska valley

Climb through bizarre gorge, wild waterfalls, stunning views of Liptov and a monument of old mills, the walk through picturesque Liptov twins promises all that.


Súľov Rocks

Súľovské rocks, a part of Strazovske mountains, are the “Slovak Dolomites”. Outstanding rock formations, castle ruins and gorgeous views make up for a perfect hiking trail.


Geravy gorge

Geravy is the most beautiful shortest gorge of Slovak Paradise. An adventurous semi-demanding ascent up the stream leads to a beautiful meadow in the middle of the forest with a mountain hotel.


Stratenský canyon

Take a wonderful relaxing walk (on foot or by bike) through the short and very romantic canyon of the Hnilec stream, which stretches between the villages of Stratena and the Dobsinska ice cave.


Devínska Kobyla

A 514 m high hill with adjacent forests and meadows is your perfect destination, if you enjoy relaxing hikes where you can admire the beautiful scenery and wander around places marked by ancient history.


Garden of Janko Kráľ

The oldest public park in Central Europe and the closest one to the city centre, Garden of Janko Kral is a favourite place for people to meet and relax.



Your faith will heal you! It is rarely as true as at this sacred place, where crowds are annually flowing and asking Mother of God for the blessing and forgiveness of their sins.

Lučanský Waterfall

12 m high cascade waterfall located right in the center of the village Lucky, under the church of Elevation of the Cross enchants all visitors as it’s falling into small ponds from the edge of the travertine terrace.


Oblazy Mills in Kvačianska valley

A national monument – complex of water mills Oblazy is located in a picturesque Kvacianska valley. It is an excellent place to relax and get to know the history of Liptov.


Hike to Rysy

Hike to the Rysy is one of the most popular but also the hardest hiking path which earned its popularity mostly for the beautiful view. The view from the very top brings on the unforgettable feelings of triumph.


Zadielska Valley

A blissful half-a-day walk, full of hiking, storytelling and stunning scenery! What better way to spend a sunny day, than in the most beautiful karst region of Slovakia.