Prosiecka and Kvačianska valley

Prosiecka and Kvačianska valley

Climb through bizarre gorge, wild waterfalls, stunning views of Liptov and a monument of old mills, the walk through picturesque Liptov twins promises all that.

Valleys hidden in deep forests of Choc mountains have a nature of a narrow gorge. Here we find a high cliffs accessible by chains or steel ladders, towers of unusual shapes, high waterfalls and interesting mountain flora and fauna. This landscape-historical delicacy simply must be experienced!

Tourist circuit through Prosiecka and Kvacianska valley takes about 6 hours. The best starting point is the village Prosiek. The route has a length of about 17 km and with a climb to Prosecne (1372 m), from which there’s a beautiful view of surroundings, its elevation is around 770 meters. For a less demanding hike, it is possible to omit Prosecne.

Prosiek → mouth of Prosiecka valley → Svorad → Prosecne → Ostruhy saddleback → canyon of Borovianka → Oblazy mills → Kvacany → country lane underneath Choc Mountains to Prosiek

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  1. ★★★★★

    for those who love walking/hiking and enjoying natural beauty. We parked our vehicle at Kavecany and hiked the gorge to the old water mill. My 3 companions then returned to the car and enjoyed the sunshine and some Slovakian food while I continued through to Vel’ke Borove then west towards and down through the more narrow drier Prosieck gorge before continuing the full circle back to my friends at Kavecany. I’mm so pleased I keep diaries of our adventures so I can re-live the moments. We plan to return to Slovakia (from our Sydney, Australia home) and see more of its beauty one day. The Stary Smokovec region is also a beautiful and adventurous place to stay and hike

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