Važecká Cave

Važecká Cave

In a distinctive village under the Tatras lies a fabulous cave. It is the ancient home of the cave bear, who lived and raised their young there 15,000 years ago.

The cave consists of a long horizontal corridors and halls formed by erosion of the Biely Vah creek. The cave is richly decorated with glistening white stalactites in a wonderful fairy-tale shapes, remarkable lakes with rich sinter decoration of various colors and wall waterfalls. We can find a lot of river sediments here, such as fine gravel or huge cave bear bones.

Length of the tour is 235 m and it takes less than half an hour. It’s a quick snack, suitable for small children. A restaurant lies in front of the cave entrance.

How to get there

Village of Vazec is located between Liptovsky Mikulas and Poprad. It has good access by car and train. Parking is located directly in front of the cave, on the western edge of the village.

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