Cool Things You Didn’t Know About Slovakia

Couple of curious and interesting facts we gathered about Slovakia. Read on!

01  The genes

Slovakia has good genes.
These world-famous people have Slovak parents or grandparents:

  • Angelina Jolie (grandfather from Kosice)
  • Audrey Hepburn (grandmother born in Kovarce)
  • Andy Warhol (mother from Mikova)
  • Paul Newman (mother from Pticie)
  • Jon Bon Jovi (grandmother)
  • Ivan Reitman (parents from Komarno)

02  The altar


Tallest Gothic wooden altar in the world, the altar of St. Jakub from Master Pavol of Levoča, is almost 19 meters high. Between the years 2012-2015 was the altar thoroughly renovated for the next hundred years.

03  The geyser

📸 wikipedia

In Slovakia, we have a unique active geyser that spouts water to a height of 15 meters. It erupts every one and a half day. Similar geysers are located only in Iceland. This one can be found in Herľany.

04  A gold treasure

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Great treasure, nearly 3,000 gold coins, two meters long gold chain and medals from the 17th century, was miraculously found (and not lost straight away) during construction works in Košice. You can spot it in the Vychodoslovenske museum.

05  Close capitals

The closest neighboring capitals of Europe (a double dose of culture and entertainment) are Bratislava and Vienna, only 60 km apart – an hour by bus.

06  Fresh water

Malý žitný ostrov — 📸 wikipedia

After Austria, Slovakia has the largest natural freshwater supplies. It’s mainly the underground reserves of Žitný ostrov. High-quality drinking water is flowing right from our taps.

07  Devil’s rock  

Devil has a rock in Slovakia. A unique natural phenomenon, mushroom rock called Devil’s Rock, can be found at the nature trail near the Budča village (Zvolen). Large round boulder standing on a tiny area of a high cliff is extremely photogenic.

08  Really large horse  

The highest statue of a horse in the world is located in the Sport and Congress Center in Šamorín-Cilistov. It is made entirely of stainless steel, rises to a height of almost nine meters and weighs 20 tons.

09  Wooden churches 

Wooden church of Hervatov — 📸 Peter Horenský

Almost 50 amazingly well-preserved wooden churches stand all over Slovakia. They are part of the cultural heritage of UNESCO, all-wood and without a single nail. The oldest of them is the church of St. Francis of Assisi in Hervatov (near Bardejov). It was built in 1500.

10  A solar horolage

The only horologe in the world that shows the true solar time, is situated in Stará Bystrica. It is also the largest wooden statue in Slovakia.

11  Moving Betlehem

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Let’s talk some more about the unique wooden sights. A monumental 8.5 m long Bethlehem with moving figures that was crafted in 15 years, is located in the House of Mercy in Rajecká Lesná.

12  Namedays

Every day in our country has 1 or 2 names assigned. It’s even written in all our calendars! This means, when your nameday comes up, there’s a party, just like you’d have on your birthday.

13  The vast underground 

Cellars under the castle Cerveny Kamen create the largest underground complex in Central Europe. In addition, the oldest pharmacy was established here in 1649.

14  The 3000 year old toy


The oldest archeological toy discovery in Central Europe was found in the archaeological site near Košice. Four-wheeled pushcart from the grave of a child comes from the period around 1600 BC. You can see it in the Archaeological Institute of SAV in Košice.

15  The first folk architecture village in the world

Wooden Čičmany village at the foothill of the Strážov Hills will blow your mind! All the gingerbread houses are original! The first mention of the village dates back to the year 1272.

16  World’s highest cave column

📸 Štěpán Hašek

The sinter column in Krasnohorska cave is 32m high and is also registered in the Guinness Book of Records.