Map of Slovak Regions

Bratislavský kraj Trnavský kraj Trenčiansky kraj Nitriansky kraj Banskobystrický kraj Žilinský kraj Prešovský kraj Košický kraj


Slovakia is divided into 8 sections (in Slovak "kraj"), which correspond roughly to the areas surrounding the eight largest cities. Regions from west to east:

Bratislava Region

Features the capital city and borders with Austria.

Trnava Region

The Little Rome town, Little Carpathians and Piestany.

Trencin Region

The breathtaking spa town and Bojnice castle.

Nitra Region

Warmest region amazing for sports and recreation.

Bystrica Region

Heart of Slovakia with Donovaly and Low Tatras.

Zilina Region

Welcome to Low and High Tatras, enjoy amazing nature.

Presov Region

Poprad, Levoca, rivers and mountains of Spis.

Kosice Region

The Eastern karst paradise and the second largest city.


Popular Tourist Regions of Slovakia


Eastern part of Zilina region

Colorful region, considered the heart of Slovakia by Slovaks. Beautiful mountains and valleys of Low and Western Tatras, ski resorts of Jasna, swimming in Liptovska Mara or priceless cultural monuments. Liptov is simply a paradise!


Northwestern part of Zilina region

Distinctive region in northern Slovakia has magnificent mountains (Rohace, Choc, Little Fatra), one of the grandest castles in Slovakia and big dam perfect for recreation. Orava together with Liptov belong to true gems of Slovakia.


Western part of Kosice & Presov regions

Dreamy piece of land rich in UNESCO attractions in the eastern part of Slovakia. Tatras, Slovak paradise and Pieniny mountains encircle the region. Spis Castle in the center is a pearl among European castles.

The Tatras

Zilina, Bystrica & Presov regions

The High and Low Tatras of Slovakia are a tourist's paradise. Hikers, climbers and vacationists from all over the world travel here to enjoy the diverse and curative Alp-like nature.


Cities of Slovakia

Largest and most visited cities in Slovakia (from largest ones:)

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