You asked: What time is best to go for a hiking trip in Tatras?

You asked: What time is best to go for a hiking trip in Tatras?

Question from our reader Marc L.:

I am interested in a hiking trip in Slovakia and the Tatras looks like a beautiful place to hike. This is for a group of 4 people. What time is best to go? How is the weather in October? Are there hut-to-hut trips?

Our answer:

Yop, you’re right, Tatras are a cool hiking place!

The best time to go is the autumn, so October sounds good, because autumn weather is the most stable and pleasant (not too hot, not too cold, low probability of storms). Hikes in Tatras are open from spring to the late autumn.

Hut-to-hut trips are more specific for the mountain edge hikes in Low Tatras. In High Tatras, the most typical is to go for one day hikes (you climb some peak and go back down … one peak usually takes whole day, depends on your hiking skills), but if you want to force it, of course, there are possibilities to sleep in the huts.

It is good to contact the hut before you will reach it to be sure you’ll have the bed – counts also for huts in Low Tatras. Anyway, usually they will allow you to sleep on the ground, if the cottage is fully occupied (in this case it’s good to have a sleeping bag, of course). It is advised to contact the hut also for the possibility that you’ll get lost (if you’re responsible, this should not happen .. but, sometimes it happens, especially in the case of very bad weather e.g. too much of fog .. and it’s really very dangerous. You can be very close to the cottage, but you don’t see it, that’s a really dangerous situation). The people from the hut will wait for you, they’ll make sounds to navigate you, in worst case they’ll arrange action to look for you. But, as I say – this is just exceptional case and if you’re responsible – this case should never happen πŸ™‚

Hopefully this helped.

Enjoy the mountains πŸ™‚

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