Low Tatras

Low Tatras

National Park Low Tatras (Nizke Tatry) lies in the north of Slovakia, below its bigger brother High Tatras, sprawling between the valleys of rivers Vah from the north and Hron from the south. It features dense untouched forests, breathtaking views, brisk waterfalls, lifeful fauna.

Many tourists and mountaineers are drawn to Low Tatras for interesting hikes, challenging sport adventures and grandiose view at the peaks of High Tatras mountains and valleys down below.

Tatras are the most visited mountain chain in Slovakia. Tourism is very popular here. Large number of new hotels, recreational villages, camping sites, ski parks, charming chalets and family guesthouses are available. Winter season offers ski resorts, Jasna being the largest one in Central Europe; summer season is great for hiking.

Up for a challenge?

The main ridge is 80 km long (50 miles). Slovaks love their mountains, but only a few take heart to cross the whole main ridge at once. The route starts (or ends) in Donovaly and ends (or starts) in Certovica. Normally, this walk takes about 5 days. Removal from the everyday life, sleeping in huts and crossing the beautiful nature of mountains frees one’s spirit, bonds friendships and forms strength. Many Slovaks often take train ride from their towns for a challenging hike in Tatras starting early morning, ending with dusk.

Highest peak of Low Tatras is Dumbier (2.043 m / 6.810 ft). It competes with Chopok, second highest peak (2.024 m / 6.746 ft, also accessible by chairlift), for the title of most beloved one of Low Tatras. During a sunny day with good visibility, you can see Hungary and almost all of Slovakia from the top of Dumbier.

Popular starting points for trails and good accommodation

Liptovsky Mikulas
Vivid city in the north for sportsmen and families with activities like rafting, paragliding, skiing, many thermal parks around

Demanovska valley
Near Liptovsky Mikulas. Includes Jasna, Lucky, Zahradky and is great starting point to winter ski resorts, with many chalets and family-owned guesthouses

Bystra Valley
On the south side of Low Tatras. Includes Tale, Srdiecko, Kosodrevina, Myto pod Dumbierom

Upland village on the west side, an important joint of northern and southern Slovakia. Sought-after site for summer mountain tourism and winter skiing, one of the most important gateways to Low Tatras and also Big Fatra.

Always consult with the natives for best trails and tips.

Many wonderful caves are accessible to public:

  • Bystrianska Cave
  • Cave of Dead Bats
  • Demanovska Cave of Freedom
  • Demanovska Ice Cave
  • Vazecka Cave

Slovakia indeed has the richest stalactite formations and caves are a big part of tourism here.

Apart from 840 km of hiking trails, Low Tatras also offer around 50 cycling routes – for road bike, cross bike and mountain bike. Cycling routes in Low Tatras.

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