PARK SNOW Donovaly

Excellent skiing conditions with great slalom runs, downhill runs, snowboarding and good conditions for cross-country skiing. In our PARK SNOW Donovaly, everything is like a dream!

Located between Banska Bystrica and Ruzomberok on the corner of Velka Fatra and Low Tatras, PARK SNOW Donovaly is everything you need for an unforgettable ski experience: more than 11 km of ski runs, 17 downhill runs, artificially covered with snow, excellent terrains for free-riding, peppered with a lot of rails and obstacles, magical evening skiing, ski and snowboard rental services, ski schools for beginners and of course the biggest FUN PARK for kids in central Europe!

Working times

Winter seasonDay skiingEvening skiing
December - April 8.30 - 15.30 17.30 – 21.00

Facilities of PARK SNOW Donovaly

Capacity: 14 100 impatient skiers per hour.


Unique alternative construction built only from snow and ice.

Skating Rink

The ice rink for recreational skating and ice hockey, with skates to hire.


Here in our amazing FUN PARK your kids will find loads of fun, games and competitions.

Evening skiing

Come and ski Záhradište in the evenings. Fully floodlit skiing daily from 5:30 – 9:00 pm awaits you.


The fascinating view from a bird's perspective. Flights in tandem and instructor specialists.

Teddy Bear academy

Teaching kids how to ski all under the professional tuition.

Sled dog

A three day trip, sleep on the snow and  get to know the environs of Donovaly!

Riders Park

The ever-changing face of the park brings with it new challenges every day.

Downhill runs

RunLength (m)Ski lift
1 2100 Telemix
2 800 Patociny
2a 800 Patociny
3 470 F-12 Misuty
4 800 Lomena poma
5 700 Kotva
6 650 Colgalina
7 400 P1
8 380 P2
9 2200 Telemix
10 100 Telemix
11 375 P3
12 335 P4
13 100 S1
14 250 P5
15 270 P6
16 150 S2
17 150 S3 - Patty ski

Difficulty of the runs

  Beginner (blue run)

  Intermediate (red run)

  Advanced (black run)

Click for a large map of PARK SNOW Donovaly

PARK SNOW Donovaly Winter map

How to get to PARK SNOW Donovaly

Donovaly lies on the main E77 road in the center of Slovakia. It takes 3 hours by car to get there both from Bratislava on the west end of Slovakia and from Kosice on the east end of Slovakia.

Make sure you follow the driving rules and paid the motorway fee.


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