Veľká Fatra – Big Fatra

Veľká Fatra - Big Fatra

The Velka Fatra National park lies in central Slovakia. Known for its continuous forest and long valleys, Velka Fatra has many attractions to offer, even to the most demanding tourists.

The best starting points for hiking in the national park are from Blatnica and Ruzomberok. Blatnica village is an ideal salient point for trips to the beautiful valleys of Velka Fatra, to Krizna Mt. and Kralova studna (King’s Well) in the main ridge. The village of Bela-Dulice is a starting point to the Belianska Valley and from Ruzomberok you get to the Malinne Mt. (Malino Brdo is one of the most frequented ski resorts in Slovakia) and Vlkolinec.

One of the modern beauties is spa and aquapark in Turcianske Teplice. It is situated in the center of the town. It satisfies all those who seek adrenaline – you can slide down the toboggans and also those who want to cure and treat themselves. The healing thermal water springs has about 40°C and it is especially beneficial for the problems with kidneys, urinal and kinetic system.

We are proud to announce you that there is also one record breaking attraction. It is Cermosniansky tunnel also called Harmanecky tunnel. It is the longest tunnel in Slovakia and used to be the longest one in Europe, too. It is one rail tunnel and you will find it on the track between Vrutky – Zvolen.

If you are skier, you can release your energy and find the ski heaven on earth in Jasenska dolina (valley), located 2,5km from the village Bela-Dulice. Ski resorts Kasova and Lehota are attractive to anyone who loves skiing, mountain hiking and cross-country skiing. The running tracks are 7km long.

Those of you, who are interested in special places, will certainly admire the cave Mazarna. It is freely accessible to tourists and it is also historically important. Don’t be scared if you happen to see a bat flying or sleeping in this cave. Other animals living in the forests of Big Fatra include a bear, wolf, eagle or lynx.

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