Demänovská Cave of Liberty

The Demänovská Cave of Liberty is located in the northern part of the Low Tatras in Liptov region within Demänovská Valley. It is the most visited cave in Slovakia.

The path with educational boards in length of 400 m leads to the entrance of the cave in the elevation height 870 m. The duration of the walk is about 10-15 min. Average temperature in the cave is 6,1 - 7°C.

You can choose between traditional and long visit tour. But be careful because the long visit tour is held only once a day.

Traditional tour

It is 1.150 m long, the camber is 86 m and you climb altogether 913 stairs.

During the visit you can admire unique sinter forms created by underground flow of the river Demänovka, little karst lakes together with rich stalactite and stalagmite decorations and you will be informed about whole history of this remarkable cave.

Long tour

The long tour has length of 2.150 m and you have to climb 1.118 stairs.

Traditional visit is enriched by "the Big Dome" - the biggest underground space accessible for public with underground river bed and soft dead-white sinter, then "the Pink Hall"and "the King's Gallery", which has the most various decorations in the cave with unique cave water lilies and lake sponge shapes, cave pearls and plenty of other forms of sinter decoration.

Opening hours

Regular ticket price for an adult is 7€ (traditional tour), 14€ (long tour), for children 3,50€ or 7€, students and retired people pay 6€ or 12€. Permission to take pictures costs extra 10€.

The long tour starts at 13:00, in main season at 13:15.

January 2 – February 28 (except Mondays) from 09:30 until 14:30
March 1 - May 31 (except Mondays) from 09:30 until 14:00
June 1 – August 31 (except Mondays) from 09:00 until 16:00
September 1 – November 15 (except Mondays) from 09:30 until 14:00
December 26 – December 31 (except Monday) from 09:30 until 14:00

How to get there

By car

The best access by car is from Liptovský Mikuláš through Demänovská Valley direction Jasná.

By bus

from Liptovský Mikuláš, bus stop: "Demänovská dolina, Ľadová Jaskyňa"

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