Cave of Dead Bats

Dead Bats Cave is located in the mountainous terrain and protected NAPANT area. It is a unique opportunity to visit a mysterious underground of Low Tatras.

The road to the cave is leading from Trangoska to Chalet of Milan Rastislav Stefanik, from which you can also get to Dumbier, the highest peak in the Low Tatras (2,043 m). The entrance to the cave is at an respectable altitude of 1,520 m!

Until now, a total of fourteen floors in two parallel branches were discovered - that ranks the cave among one of the largest caves in Slovakia. It got its interesting name due to the number of bat bones, found in various parts of the cave. Besides the bat bones, whose age is estimated to 6,000 years, the bones of martens, rodents, bears and goats were found here too.

Basic cave tour is 1 km long, lighted and secured with steel ropes and bridges. Is it permissible for children from 6 years old. Additional speleoroutes for the demanding require good physical fitness - speleological trekking with classic climbing awaits you.

Opening hours

Booking upfront by phone is neccessery.

SeasonOperation days
January - February closed
March - June Saturday - Sunday
July - August Tuesday - Sunday
September - December Saturday - Sunday

The basic route for an adult costs 8 €. Speleotrekking is from 18 € per person.

How to get there

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