Harmanecká Cave

Harmanecká Cave

This cave is located in Velka Fatra, in Harmanecka valley. No wonder that it got stuck with a name “White Cave”. The top wall is of pure limestone and there is a rich presence of soft white sinter.

The underground area features a beautiful snow-white stalactite decoration, crystal clear lakes, sinter waterfalls and curtains and large domes, such as Dome of pagodas with massive 12 m high pagoda formations.

The cave was discovered thanks to the hard work of one 18-year-old young man who dig through a narrow hole for two weeks, until he got into the snow-white hall, the Dome of the discoverer. For his discovery on the property of municipal forests, the discoverer was given a money penalty.

During World War II the cave served as a hide-out for locals.

Guided tour takes about an hour and is 1 km long. Perhaps it is good to have spare clothes as the ascent to and inside the cave might be quite challenging.

How to get there

Dolny Harmanec is located at the junction of cities of Banska Bystrica and Turcianske Teplice. Access to the cave itself as well as the stairs inside are surely enjoyable for everyone – it is sometimes a physically challenging ascent. But that makes revealing the beauty of Harmanecka cave that much deserving.

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