Krásnohorská Cave

Krásnohorská Cave

Rope girders, foot-bridges, ladders, extreme narrow spaces and other natural obstacies, all that awaits the visitor accompanied by a speleo-guide in Krasnohorska Cave, an UNESCO natural heritage site.

Before entering the cave, visitors must wear full caving gear and belay belt with a carabiner. About 450 m of the cave is available to the public (and we’ll take the same route back). The tour is very exciting, you proceed through wooden bridges and rope traverses over groundwater flow and cave lakes. A unique gigantic 34 m high column awaits you in the Hall of Giants!

Children under 15 must be accompanied by parents. The overweight should also consider entering the cave. You need to go over some really narrow spaces, which requires mobility and good sturdy shoes.

How to get there

Drive to Krasnohorska Dlha Luka to the Penzion Jozefina area, where the guides store their gear and visitors receive a full caving gear. The cave is 1 km away by foot from here.

It’s best to book the tour up front by email or phone, even if it’s the middle of the season. The tour shall be started with a minimum of 4 persons.

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