Lakes Turzov

Lakes Turzov
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Gabrielka Palková

To experience a peaceful rest on the shores of a romantic lake, which is surrounded by beautiful coniferous forests, means visiting the Turzovské lakes.

The best reference for a visit are the inhabitants of Gelnica, for whom the lakes are a sought-after recreational place.

You can reach them after an easy two-kilometer walk from Gelnica.

The altitude of more than 500 meters above sea level and dense forests are a prerequisite for beneficial effects of this trip, because it will calm your nerves and improve your breathing.

The upper lake is fed by the mountain torrents of the Volovské vrchy, so you can swim in cold water. Sunny rays cannot overheat it sufficiently, because the lake is sometimes up to 17 meters deep.

When you find the courage of a hardy man and immerse yourself in the clear waters of the Upper Lake, after a while, like many others, you will find that swimming in a natural lake is an experience that you will remember for a long time.

In addition to swimming, it is possible to enjoy boating and other water sports.

The lower lake will delight especially those who are engaged in fishing.

The surroundings of the lakes are a prerequisite for family tourism, enriched with mushroom picking.

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