Aviation Museum Košice

Aviation Museum Košice
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Erwin Alexander

Which child does not hold in his or her heart the dream of getting on a plane, turning on the engines and soaring to the clouds?

Of course, this idea is not defined by age, so everyone will welcome a visit to the Aviation Museum in Košice. Therefore, this museum is a good tip of how interestingly a family can spend a weekend together.

Košice Aviation Museum is a part of the Technical Museum. Because it opened in 2002, it is relatively young.

It focuses on adding new interesting exhibits in order to present its visitors the development of aviation that dates back to the Second World War.

The exhibition entitled Per ardua ad astra is dedicated to the memory of the often troubled fate of Czechoslovak pilots who worked in the Royal Air Force during the World War II

In the Aviation Museum, you can take a closer look at models of historic aircrafts.

In open spaces in front of the museum buildings you can find various types of migs, fighters, bombers, helicopters and gliders.

Among the exhibits you will definitely be interested in the ultralight glider.

In addition to combat aircraft, agricultural powder bumblebees are on display.

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