Jasovská Cave

Jasovská Cave

Thanks to the enterprising monks from a nearby monastery, Jasovska cave is the oldest one in Slovakia open to the public – and that is since 1846.

There are numerous passages and crevices inside the cave, excavated by the underground flow of the river Bodva. Hall and domes have attractive, color-rich stalactite decoration. Attention grabbing are pagoda-like stalagmites, flowstone waterfalls, drums, straws and other shapes. During the tour we will see a nicely lit stalactite lake. In one of domes we’ll find an inscription from 1452, which records the Hussite military victory. Cave bear and cave hyena bones were found in the cave. It is also an important sleep out place for 19 kinds of bats during winter.

The tour lasts 45 minutes. It has a bit more challenging elevation, we have to overcome 339 steps.

Jasov is located about 35 km west of Kosice, on the road linking Kosice and Roznava. The entrance is 100 m away from the parking lot.

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