Krásna Hôrka Castle

Krásna Hôrka Castle

Krasna Horka (“Beautiful Hill”), majestic castle in the heart of Slovakia. Now in the reconstruction due to extensive fire in 2012.

Krasna Horka managed till lately to somehow escape the time and plundering. Maybe it was thanks to the picture of the Divine Eye hanging in the original castle kitchen, which was intended to prevent theft (based on the principle “God’s eye sees everything”)… 

Did the Eye also see the absurdity of the recent events? Not war, nor time was able to destroy the castle’s beauty. Long-dry grass around the castle caught in fire was.

Fire in Spring 2012

In the march of 2012, a massive fire has swept through the Krasna Horka castle. The roof was completely burnt, some parts of walls were badly damaged, as was part of the 2011 exposition in the upper castle. The rest of the castle is still standing. Most of the castle’s treasures and collections were saved, due to dedicated work of firemen and museum personnel.

Many Slovaks contributed to the public money collection for reconstruction of the castle. Experts are identifying and preparing objects for restoration.

The castle is in reconstruction and closed.

Treasures of Krasna Horka

Over the years, the castle was owned by several aristocratic dynasties. It has beautiful interiors with original furnishingsvaluable paintingsclothes and accessories. Among the precious collection items of the castle are also a remarkable funeral carriage of Countess Franciska, weaponry and bronze cannons, unique basset horns in the music lounge and ancient Roman sarcophagi in the Andrássy’s family crypt.

The main attraction though is the embalmed body of the “Krasna Horka Lady” Sophia Andrássy-Serédy, who rests in a hyaloid sarcophagus inside castle’s chapel.

The castle is directly linked to the Manor house in Betliar, which is nearby, as well as a mausoleum.


This picture gallery Art-Nouveau building, more then 100 years old, was built in the Krasnohorske Podhradie village right below the castle by Dénes Andrássy for his wife that just passed away after 36 years of marriage.

“Filled with deep feelings of gratitude, compassion and infinite love I build this pantheon for the blessed remains of my dear wife and as a proof of my ever-lasting grief.”

The tomb, surrounded by a beautiful park, contains valuable applied-art objects coming from the previous three centuries.


Village Krasnohorske Podhradie lies on the road between Roznava and Kosice. You cannot miss it while driving through the village. There is a small parking lot in front of the mausoleum.

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