Domica Cave

Domica Cave

Domica Cave lies on the Slovak-Hungarian border and is part of a 25 km long cave system, out of which a quarter is located in Slovakia. It is a large (the largest in the Slovak Karst) and gorgeous. No wonder that UNESCO has added it to its list.

Stalactical decoration with lots of stalagmites and stalactites is grandious. Truly unique are springlet-like stalactites, pagoda-like stalagmites and cascading waterfalls in the style of Roman baths. When enough water has flowed from the surface of the earth, the underground river Styx is used for boating.

Underground shrine in the Dome of mysteries served as an iconic space 5-6 thousand years ago. Unique artworks with symbolism of fertile power were found on the walls. People built shelters in the cave, performed ceremonies here and penetrated into the dark spaces with torches to find water sources and quality pot earth. At the entrance to the cave stands an exposition of archaeological findings, models of caves and remains of cave animals.

The tour is 700 – 1000 m long and lasts up to an hour. It’s literally a route for lazy people, as parking is right outside the entrance and ascent is minimal.

How to get there

Domica is located in the Slovak Karst National Park. We’ll get there from Roznava through Plesivec. Guidance boards lead us easily to the parking lot in front of the cave.

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