Sundial Drienčany

Sundial Drienčany

If you like Slovak fairy tales, regardless of age category, you will enjoy a trip to the magical Drienčany for their unusual sundial.

Drienčany is associated with the name of Pavol Dobšinský, who in the 19th century collected and wrote fairy tales, which until then were translated only in the form of folk literature.

The inhabitants of Drienčany paid tribute to their distinguished native, who has been passing on the message of good wins over evil every time for several generations.

In his honor, an earthbound sundial with a diameter of seven meters (23 ft) was built on a hill behind the village. There are wooden statues of fairy-tale heroes around the clock.

In addition to this interesting attraction, walk around the village and meet famous fairy-tale heroes at every turn.

Drienčany has started to build a recreation center with a fairy-tale labyrinth, which will surely please every child.

A visit to the fairytale Drienčany can be combined with the undemanding tourism of the Drienčany karst.

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