Ski Mlynky

SKI MLYNKY - holiday in the heart of the Slovak Paradise. SKI MLYNKY invites you to great skiing on its slopes and for the lovers of cross-country skiing there are kilometers of cross-country trails available.

Welcome in the most important ski resort in the Slovak Paradise - Ski Mlynky. It consists of three ski resorts - Gugeľ, Dedinky and Biele vody.

Ski Mlynky complex offers many opportunities for winter sports - 9 ski trails, 7 lifts and 35 km of cross-country trails. Visitors have range of services to their disposal, from rental of ski equipment to catering services and accommodation in the area.

The ski resort is situated on the nearby hills with an elevation of 92 m to 210 m.

Ski resorts of Ski Mlynky


Northern slopes of the hill Gugel. The centre is equipped with three lifts, 7 slopes.


The resort offers two cafeterias. The first buffet awaits you at the lift platform and the second bar will refresh you on a sunny slope. Parking spaces are located near the lift. Distance to Biele vody skipark is about 1.5 km, Dedinky about 5 km.

Biele Vody 

Northeastern slopes of Hajik hill.


Parking lot is located right next to the lift, bar and ski rental. Distance to center Gugel is about 1.5 km and 4.5 km to Dedinky.


Ski resort uses northwestern slopes of the Hajik hill. It is equipped with two lifts and two ski runs and the third slope for other winter activities. Distance to Biele vody is about 4.5 km and Gugel about 5 km.


Parking is under the Priehrada hotel.


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