Strážky Manor House

Strážky Manor House

The Strážky manor house is a part of Spišská Belá. Today it houses the Slovak National Gallery. Its architecture and the adjacent park sensitively respect surrounding nature.

The High Tatras are a sough-after tourist attraction.

This statement is indisputable. However, if we choose a wider range of action and include the sub-Tatra region, opportunities for peaceful sightseeing tours that can easily be completed with small children will open up.

Belianske Tatras and Levočské vrchy have created a picturesque Poprad basin, intersected by torrents. One of them is Belá, after which Spišská Belá town was named.

A quiet town in beautiful nature has a rich history. Archaeological research confirms that this area was inhabited as early as the Early Stone Age .

The village Spišská Belá was founded in the 12th century. Its economic boom began with the arrival of German colonists in the 13th century.

Until the 18th century, it was under Polish administration for the loan obtained by Sigismund of Luxembourg from King Vladislav Jagielonski of Poland.

While walking through the city, we can admire the Baroque architecture of the houses of rich townspeople.

A famous scientist was born in the city, Jozef Maximilián Petzval, the inventor of the lens apparatus. More information about his scientific activities will be provided by the Jozef Maximilián Petzval Museum of Photo Optics.

The mansion was reportedly built on the ruins of a Templar monastery. A Gothic castle was built on its foundations. In the 16th century, it was rebuilt into a Renaissance mansion.

Distinguished painter Ladislav Mednyánszky was creating his art here.

You can get to the entrance gate by car, in front of which there is a parking lot.

When you get through all the historical attractions, the beautiful castle park, founded in the mid-19th century, will provide you with perfect rest.

Kids are sure to be thrilled with the challenge. Running, jumping and feasting on the lawn is allowed!

There’s nothing stopping you from joining your kids.

You can also play hide-and-seek among the art sculptures that are part of the campus.

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