Markušovce Manor House

Markušovce Manor House

One day visit is simply not enough for this unparalleled place in the east of Slovakia. Immerse yourself in the romantic history in the heart of the beautiful nature of Spiš.

When we plan a trip to the gorges of the Slovak Paradise, we can stop in the village Markušovce, which is located in the south of the picturesque Hornád basin, at the confluence of the Levoča stream and Hornád.

In the village we can admire the Renaissance mansion, which was built in the mid-17th century.

The manor is surrounded by a beautiful maintained French park.

There is another interesting attraction at the park. It is the Rococo Dardanelles Garden Summer Palace, which houses a permanent exhibition of keyboard instruments.

In the mansion, we can explore the exhibition of historic furniture from the Renaissance to the present.

If we want to have a nice view of the surroundings of Markušovice, we can take a hike to the ruins of Markušovice Castle, which was built at the end of the 13th century.

The castle is close to the village, the hike is easy, the view is interesting.

Near the village we find another natural rarity.

It is the most beautiful mushroom-shaped stone formation, which has an eight-meter-high “leg” and a three-meter stone “hat”. It’s a protected natural object, and we can reach it along the nature trail.

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