Slovak Paradise National Park

Slovak Paradise (Slovensky raj) features lively forests, wide meadows and plateaus, chasms, canyons, gorges, underground caves (as many as 350!) and garrulous waterfalls.

This very popular north eastern region is a gem amongst Slovak national parks. There are 300 km of marked trails stretching through this enchanting paradise. Even if it might look so, most walking trails are not that challenging, elevation is not particularly high, but the walk still feels like an adventure. Crossing ravines is like an obstacle course full of wooden or metal ladders, bridges, creepers and chains. It's a highly addictive attraction!

Most popular nature trails and tourists points are called Prielom Hornadu (river Hodnad is responsible for creating a beautiful canyon), Tomasovsky view, Klastorisko with ruins of Carthusian monastery, Kysel, Sokolia dolina, Velky and Maly Sokol, Piecky and Sucha Bela.

We listed Sucha Bela in TOP 10 Things to Do in Slovakia!

Long & Short Walks

Visiting Slovak Paradise, even for couple hours will replenish all your inner forces. Narrow, almost touching chasms... diversity of fauna and flora... rich karstic forms, they all are a part of a sensational aesthetical natural experience.

We especially recommend an hour long walk to Geravy, where you can sit outside or inside the Geravy hotel and sip your Kofola (native alternative to coke) or beer. After a good refreshment, go horseback riding across the plateau. If you can manage your time, return back to Dedinky by aircable and visit Dobsinska Ice Cave (closing at 4pm), one of the most significant caves in Europe, where you can treat your eyes to such beauties like icefalls, ice stalagmites and other monumental glaciation. This could be the perfect ending of your trip to Slovak Paradise.

Out and about, it's very close to historic town of Levoca, the Tatras, Spis Castle, Plejsy and Pieniny.