Slovaks are a celebration nation. Birthday parties are usual in the whole world, but there is one other special day in a year for every Slovak to celebrate. It's a nameday!

If you buy a calendar in Slovakia, you will be surprised to learn that there is a name assigned to each day. Almost every child has a name from this list. A small festivity is held on one's nameday and little presents from friends and family are given to the toastee. 

There are beautiful Slovak names in the list. On the Christmas day, Eva and Adam are celebrating. On the last day of year - 31st of December, Silvester. It became a standard to say: "How did you spend Silvester?" instead of "How did you spend New Year's Eve?"

Most popular names from the list are:

Girls: Sofia, Natália, Viktória, Kristína, Michaela, Ema, Nina, Zuzana, Katarína, Laura, Lucia, Mária, Jana

Boys: Jakub, Samuel, Tomáš, Lukáš, Peter, Pavol, Martin, Filip, Michal, Matúš, Matej, Marek, Patrik