Oravska priehrada (Orava Dam)

The "Orava Sea", spreading on the area of 35 km, has a magical natural scenery, many unique historical places around and even an Island of Art in its middle.

As one of the largest water reservoirs in Slovakia, it is the most visited Orava's tourist destination in the summer.

Orava dam is dotted with resorts (Slanicka osada, Pristav, Stara hora, ...), hotels, guesthouses and restaurants.

The dam provides very good conditions for windsurfing, scuba diving, water skiing and yachting. You certainly should not miss a cruise to Slanicky Island of Art, where you'll find a Baroque church full of exhibits of traditional folk art, or you might arrive at the time of a classical music concert.

Sightseeing boat trip by boat SLANICA

May 15 - September 15  9:00 to 16:00

Address: Oravska priehrada - Slanicka Osada: "OG-SLANICA" from the port no. 2

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