Sport and recreation

Slovakia ’s beautiful outdoors provides unsurpassed playgrounds. To our country’s traditional sports of skiing, hiking and river sports, every year brings new additions: waterparks, bungee jumping, mountain biking and paragliding to name a few. The active visitor to Slovakia has a wide choice of sporting experiences available.


Most memorable experiences available are in Slovakia’s spectacular outdoors, ranging from gentle hikes suitable for young children to extreme adrenaline experiences in white-water boating, cliff-climbing and bungee jumping.

Families enjoy a variety of activities:

As mentioned above, Slovakia draws many active visitors with its adrenaline sports. Mountain climbing guides with world-wide experience can take you through the more demanding approaches to Slovakia’s summits. There are opportunities for most other highly active sports, winter and summer, especially those that involve mountains - paragliding is a recent addition.

Indoor and Other Recreational Sports

Facilities are also improving for traditional participant sports as well. Although the facilities are usually not world-class, they give some satisfaction:

Spectator sports

Sporting events occur non-stop in towns of all sizes throughout Slovakia. In general, Slovaks perform well enough in sports to hold the attention of interested spectators, but are not outstanding in world-wide context. However, there is one exception...

Slovaks are among the best ice hockey players on earth. Their finest are NHL stars, most of whom come home to play with the national team in tournaments. Having won the world championships in 2002, Slovakia placed third in 2003 and fourth in 2004. It is a rare joy and pride for this small country to achieve such a powerful position in a major sport.

Although visitors will not have much chance to see the national team play, many towns of even medium size have professional teams and junior teams. Indoor ice rinks abound. Boys on skates play pick-up matches everywhere from frozen ponds and rivers to carefully-manicured iced-over car parks. In other words, the infrastructure that made Slovakia a world power in hockey is worth seeing in its own right.

Though they do not to achieve at the level of the hockey players, sportsmen and sportswomen compete at most other olympic-class sports at a respectable level. Ask locals for information about which sports are in season in towns of interest to you.