Garden of Janko Kráľ

Garden of Janko Kráľ

The oldest public park in Central Europe and the closest one to the city centre, Garden of Janko Kral is a favourite place for people to meet and relax.

Just cross the Danube from the old town (through SNP Bridge) and you’ll get to the lovely park designed to resemble an eight-pointed star. The garden is full of old trees, domestic and exotic plant, large-scale natural areas and cute little architecture. 

One of the most favorite places within the park is the walking way right next to Danube, with a splendid view of the Old town. The most important architectural feature is a unique garden gazebo, which was originally a Franciscan church tower built in the early 15th century.

The park on the right side of Danube serves as a great place for relax, romantic rendezvous, sports and picnics.

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