Slnečné jazerá (Sunny Lakes)

Slnečné jazerá (Sunny Lakes)

Located just a few minutes’ drive out of Bratislava, the recreation area made up of 5 individual lakes is a popular place during hot summer days.

The town of Senec, 25 km away from Bratislava, is rightfully called the sunniest town of Slovakia. The warm water of the lakes has an average of 25°C during summer and their long shores are covered with grass.  

The recreation area is full of children’s, volleyball and sand playgroundstennis courts and toboggans. You can borrow sport equipment like boats or water bicycles. There is possibility to play tennis, squash, bowling, snooker, minigolf, darts and table-tennis. Massagespools and jacuzzis (or fishing!) will make your sunny getaway unforgettable.

Aquapark Aquathermal Senec is the newest addition to the lakes’ attractions. Accessible whole year round, its pools are heated using the geothermal energy. 

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