Natural History Museum in Bratislava

Natural History Museum in Bratislava

Natural History Museum SNM in Bratislava belongs among Slovak major museums. It is housed in the main building of the Slovak National Museum on the Danube’s banks.

When the kids are with us, how to meaningfully use the time in the capital city? We recommend a visit to the Natural History Museum, where you will find a beautiful exhibition of living and non-living nature. Even the smallest kids will be captivated.

The museum’s collection contains more than 2.5 million pieces of exhibits! This ranks the museum among Europe’s major natural history museums.

Exhibits are on display in the permanent exhibitions and at various events.

Permanent exhibitions

A paleontological exhibition The Miracle of Nature: The History of Life on Earth reveals vanished worlds. You will meet the dinosaur from the Tatras and even a meter long water scorpion, which lived 425 million years ago! And have you ever seen a life-sizes woolly mammoth?

Another stunning exhibition is The Miracle of Nature: Biological Diversity of Slovakia, which presents Slovakia through fancy installations of lowlands and hills up to the highest mountain ranges.

If a diversity of Slovakia is not enough, the exhibition The Miracle of Nature: Biological Diversity of Earth shows examples of living and non-living nature of the polar regions, tundra, tropical forests, greenlands, deserts, coral reefs and coasts.

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