Holíč Castle

Holíč Castle

In the city park of Holíč, you can sit and taste trdelníky, a specialty from nearby Skalica. From the lower end of the park, information boards lead us to a national cultural monument, which was built in the 13th century.

The extensive Holíč Castle originally served as a Gothic water castle.

In the 18th century, it was rebuilt into a Baroque-Classicist manor house, which was used by the imperial family as one of its summer residences.

After the establishment of the Czechoslovak Republic, the castle was nationalized. A school was established in one part, other buildings were used for agricultural purposes, so the castle has been falling into disrepair since.

Nevertheless, a Chinese hall with rare painted leather wallpaper, a chapel and a staircase have been preserved.

Holíč Castle is surrounded by a moat, in which a large number of water birds have found a home.

Záhorie is a pleasant walking destination, which is adorned with interesting historical monuments that can be reached without having to overcome large altitudes, which makes the hikes perfect for small children.

After a tour of the castle grounds it’s possible to swim around in the boat or playing at the kid’s playground.

During a tour of the castle, you might meet a crying white lady. According to a legend, it is the spirit of a young noblewoman, who was cursed by her own mother for her debauched life to cry until she fills a cup with her tears.

However, that will never happen, because every time the cup is filled, a big dog runs up and drinks all her tears…

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