Windmill in Holíč

Windmill in Holíč

If you lived in Holland, this would not be of interest to you. However, there is only one preserved windmill in Slovakia, and therefore a rarity.

The mill in Holíč was built in the 19th century because there was a lack of water in the rivers due to repeated years of drought.

In Slovakia, several such technical buildings were built during this period. However, only one has been preserved , which can be found in Holíč.

The mill was built following the example of Dutch windmills, which are characterized by a circular floor plan. The circular roof was able to rotate to capture the wind flow as effectively as possible.

The dilapidated building was saved by a local hunting association, which adapted it as its cottage. For this reason, the interior is not open to the public.

Still, it’s an interesting attraction where you can imagine how Don Quixote fought the windmills, which he saw as enemy giants.

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