Lapidary in Komárno

Lapidary in Komárno
Photo by:
David Fóti

If we want to understand the meaning of the word lapidary, we must translate the Latin word lapis – stone. Let’s visit the old historic town at the confluence of the Danube and Váh, which houses the Danube Museum in Komárno.

It hosts a remarkable exhibition of historical stone sculptures.

Those we see in Komárno were acquired from nearby localities, which had a connection with the Roman Empire in the period of the 1st-4th century, when the expanding Empire reached the territory of Slovakia during its conquests.

During the tour we can admire remarkable sculptures, altar stones, sarcophagi, tombstones, which were obtained from the border Roman fortifications.

During this period, Rome’s organizational maturity was met with barbarians living in Rome’s areas of interest.

Even in Komárno we can walk around the places where soldiers of Roman legions walked many centuries ago.

We think about Limes Romanus and realize that wanting more and more is not always the right goal.

The Roman lapidary is housed in one of the old city fortifications, the so-called Bastion VI, and is part of the Danube Museum in Komárno.

It has been awarded the Europa Nostra International Prize for European Heritage.

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