Water mill in Bohunice

Behind the village of Bohunice, on the Sikenica stream, a homestead was built, which connected a private living space with a water mill, where a complete technical facility has been preserved and shows how flour was ground in the past.


Lapidary in Komárno

If we want to understand the meaning of the word lapidary, we must translate the Latin word lapis – stone. Let’s visit the old historic town at the confluence of the Danube and Váh, which houses the Danube Museum in Komárno.


Ancient Gerulata

In Rusovce, which is now part of the capital, a stone pillar of an ancient building was accidentally discovered in 1961 during the restoration of the Danube dams.


Wheel Museum in Trenčín

In Trenčín you will find an interesting museum in which you will be able to see what the stone wheels from the period of 3500 BC looked like, to the wheels on which we are transported today.


Agrokomplex Nitra

Visit the largest exhibition area of Slovakia in Nitra. Over the course of several decades, Agrokomplex was transformed into an exhibition center of pan-European significance.


Clock Museum in Bratislava

On three floors of the U dobrého pastiera house, you can admire the complex and at the same time delicate mechanisms of the table and wall clocks.


Windmill in Holíč

If you lived in Holland, this would not be of interest to you. However, there is only one preserved windmill in Slovakia, and therefore a rarity.


Holíč Castle

In the city park of Holíč, you can sit and taste trdelníky, a specialty from nearby Skalica. From the lower end of the park, information boards lead us to a national cultural monument, which was built in the 13th century.


Water mill and small technical museum Kolárovo

Not far from the town of Kolárovo, on the southwestern outcrop of Žitný island, there is an interesting technical monument, a water mill set on two parallel boats.


Historic Old Town of Bratislava

Churches, town walls and palaces pay tribute to the centuries of history. Thematic and humorous bronze statues, and a laser light show on summer evenings, are more modern additions. When you’re tired and ready to relax, you can move to the Danube and just watch the great river flow.

Natural History Museum in Bratislava

Natural History Museum SNM in Bratislava belongs among Slovak major museums. It is housed in the main building of the Slovak National Museum on the Danube’s banks.


Čachtice Museum

The Cachtice Museum is branch exhibitions of the Trencin Museum. It is housed in the former Draskovic Renaissance manor house.


Slovak National Theater

Visiting the theater definitely belongs to the cultural experience. Enhance your festive feeling as you enter the premises of the oldest professional theater in Slovakia!


Primatial Palace

A Baroque-classicist palace in the heart of Bratislava, where Napoleon signed a peace treaty ‘The Peace of Pressburg’ in 1805, is one of the architectural jewels of Slovakia.


ZOO Bratislava

Bratislava ZOO in a pleasant scenery of Mlynska valley surrounded by deciduous forest, meadows and streams, accommodates 700 mammals, 200 birds and 40 reptiles. It lies on ​​96 hectares – if you want to see it all, you need more than one visit.


Bratislava’s Old Town Hall

The Old Town hall with its lovely courtyard, is facing onto the capital’s Main Square (Hlavne namestie). It houses the city’s oldest museum, the Bratislava City Museum.



Your faith will heal you! It is rarely as true as at this sacred place, where crowds are annually flowing and asking Mother of God for the blessing and forgiveness of their sins.

Michael’s Gate (Michalska brana)

The St. Michael’s Gate is the last preserved gate of the medieval city fortification. Its tower offers magnificent views of the Old Town and the surrounding area.


Little Blue Church

A truly magnificent art nouveau Little Blue Church got its name to its sky-blue-and-white roof tiles and walls.


Slavin Memorial

It towers high above the city. A sought-out oasis of silence associated with piety and reverence to nearly 6,000 soldiers who fell during the battle of Bratislava in the last weeks of the 2nd World War.


The water reservoir Slnava, situated between the world famous spa town Piestany and the village Drahovce, is ideal for water sports and summer holiday.


Kuchajda Lake

Kuchajda is a great place near a major shopping mall to relax all year around. In summer you can swim or water bike, in winter it serves as an outdoor ice skating surface.


Zlaté piesky (Golden Sands)

A perfect mid-size natural lake only 7 km northeast of the capital’s old town. The water area stretches 400 metres, the grassy shore offers an ideal surface for many summer sport activities.



Recreation area Kunov is just 5 km away from Senica. Except the nice grassy shore around the water dam, there is a 250 m long sand beach.


The quiet area of Duchonka, at the foot of lovely mountains, is an ideal place for relaxation and recreation for whole families. It lies only 30 km from the spa town of Piestany.

Rusovce Lake

Easily accessible by bike from Petrzalka, this lake area is made up of two former water reservoirs. The water is clean and the greenery provides privacy. Also a popular naturist spot.


Slnečné jazerá (Sunny Lakes)

Located just a few minutes’ drive out of Bratislava, the recreation area made up of 5 individual lakes is a popular place during hot summer days.



Water in Cunovo Lake is the cleanest and clearest of all lakes in Bratislava. It is not deeper than 4 meters. There are two super grass beaches and you can taste Slovak beer and sausages in a buffet.

Zelená Voda (Green Water)

You do not have to travel far if you want to experience a real swimming heaven – it’s the Green Water, near the town Nove Mesto nad Vahom, just a couple of minutes from the D1 motorway.

Lake Draždiak

A lake created on the site of the digging hole, near the largest Bratislava residantial part Petrzalka, is a green oasis in the middle of the concrete panel jungle.

Nitrianske Rudno

A water dam in the western Slovakia, just 12 km from the spa town of Bojnice, lies in the picturesque valley between the Strazovske and Magura mountains.

Garden of Janko Kráľ

The oldest public park in Central Europe and the closest one to the city centre, Garden of Janko Kral is a favourite place for people to meet and relax.


Devínska Kobyla

A 514 m high hill with adjacent forests and meadows is your perfect destination, if you enjoy relaxing hikes where you can admire the beautiful scenery and wander around places marked by ancient history.


Driny Cave

Only a short walk from the Smolenice castle, in the picturesque Little Carpathians, lies a charming underground world full of peculiar stalactites and atmospheric ponds.


Cave under Bojnice Castle

This little natural travertine cave under the castle is part of the Bojnice castle tour. It is interconnected with 26 m deep castle well.



Piestany attracts many who seek health-oriented spa treatment, especially those who seek high value for the cost.


One of Slovakia’s eight regional seats, Trencin in western Slovakia is one of the country’s most picturesque towns, with its distinguishing castle dominating the historical centre from above. Restaurants and shops, and the town’s grandest hotel, cluster around the town square.

Bratislava – the Capital of Slovakia

Bratislava is a small historical city, but largest in Slovakia and a youngest european metropolis. Enjoy the shopping, dining and natural wonders Bratislava has to offer as a reemerging sparkler of history, culture, business and recreation.

Nitriansky kraj – Nitra Region

Nitra region and its metropolis – Nitra played an important role in creating the Slovak nation, its culture and its education. It is one of the warmest and agriculturally most productive centers of Slovak Republic. It borders with Trnava, Trencin and Banska Bystrica region and with Hungary in the south. Zitny Island is the largest river island in […]

Trenčiansky kraj – Trencin region

Trencin region is located in the north-western part of Slovakia. It is the region with famous history mixed with a strong dose of cultural wealth and natural attractions. Historical Sightseeings Trencin city belongs to one with the most historical towns in Slovakia. You definitely should not miss the Trencin castle which dates back to the Great […]

Trnavský kraj – Trnava Region

Trnava region is located in the southwestern part of Slovakia. Zahorie lowland, Little Carphatians and Danubian lowland form its territory. It borders with Austria, Hungary, Bratislava region, Trencin region and Czech republic. This territory belongs to the oldest cultural areas of Slovakia. It has been proved by finding the ancient archeological objects. The most famous is “Moravian Venus”. It […]

Smolenice Castle

A wonderful, romantic castle serves as a convention centre, used for conferences, symposia, seminars and weddings. Open for public in July and August.



Spectacular old ruin from 13th century close to the capital, Pajstun is a popular place among rockclimbers. Wonderful views and nice walk through the beautiful Carpathian woods.



The mansion built at the end of the 19th century by the Palffy family is dominating the village, where people lived since the New Stone Age.


Beckov Castle

Standing on a steep high cliff above Vah – the longest river of Slovakia, magnificent ruins of Beckov castle are a dominant feature on the horizon.


Plavecký Castle

Plavecke Podhradie Village is located 20 km from Malacky. A huge castle was built in the 13th century above the village to fill the role of the frontier fort.


Čachtice Castle

Ideally located ruin of “the mysterious castle in the Carpathian Mountains” was made famous particullary because of its last resident, chatelaine Elizabeth Bathory.


Trenčín Castle

The Trenčín Castle is a castle above the town of Trenčín, housing exhibitions of the Trenčín Museum. History of the castle goes back to the age of the Roman Empire.


Červený kameň (Red Stone Castle)

Site of a medieval castle that was gradually pulled down, Cerveny Kamen (pronounced CHER-ven-ee KAH-men) retains that castle’s name (from “Rothstein” in German, meaning “red stone”).


Devín Castle

The well-preserved ruin is noted for a marvellous geographical position, offering terrific panorama views upon the confluence of Danube and Morava rivers.


Bratislava Castle

Bratislava Castle, the landmark overlooking the capital, was built in 9th century. It stands on the hill above Danube river.


Bojnice Castle

Romantic fairy-tale Bojnice Castle is one of the most visited and most attractive castles in central Europe. The Chateau is located near Prievidza, on the edge of the Strážovské vrchy mountains over the town of Bojnice.


Bratislavský Kraj – Bratislava Region

Bratislava region is the smallest region in Slovakia, bordering with Austria and Hungary. It features the capital city – Bratislava, the Little Carpathians and wonderful lowlands of vineyards.

Bratislava Airport

If you are planning to visit Slovakia and you have the opportunity to fly, then Bratislava Airport has much to recommend it. It is a fully-certified international airport, capable of handling even larger jets. Almost all flights to and from the airport are through low-cost airlines – which is making Bratislava an increasingly popular transit […]