Bratislava Airport

If you are planning to visit Slovakia and you have the opportunity to fly, then Bratislava Airport has much to recommend it.

It is a fully-certified international airport, capable of handling even larger jets. Almost all flights to and from the airport are through low-cost airlines – which is making Bratislava an increasingly popular transit stop between and among points in Europe and to some places in the Middle East.

Close to Austria, Czech Republic and Hungary

Its location is within 30 minutes drive of almost anywhere in Bratislava and 1 hour drive (55 km) from Vienna (Austria), Brno (Czech Republic) and Gyor (Hungary). The expressway connecting to most of western Slovakia is 5 minutes away. A city bus connects the airport to the main train station, and special buses connect to the major international airport in Vienna.

Bratislava’s Airport small size means faster lines and shorter walks, as well as less expensive parking.

Flights to Slovakia

This is a broad guide to the airlines that fly to Slovakia. We recommend you contact the airlines directly for detailed information about flights.


Arrival terminal B is used for non-Schengen arrivals and arrival terminal C is used for Schengen arrivals. (More about Schengen area and visas)


Amenities include duty-free shops, news agents, souvenir shop, bars, VIP lounge, car rentals, post office, baggage services.