Aviation Museum Košice

Which child does not hold in his or her heart the dream of getting on a plane, turning on the engines and soaring to the clouds?


Lakes Turzov

To experience a peaceful rest on the shores of a romantic lake, which is surrounded by beautiful coniferous forests, means visiting the Turzovské lakes.


Slovak Technical Museum Košice

During the exhibition of interesting exhibits, each visitor will be able to get the idea of how the world of science and technology worked in the 19th and 20th centuries. The museum is exceptional also for the reason it is the only one of its kind in Slovakia.


Markušovce Manor House

One day visit is simply not enough for this unparalleled place in the east of Slovakia. Immerse yourself in the romantic history in the heart of the beautiful nature of Spiš.


City tower and sundial in Rožňava

Right in the city center is a 36.5 meter (120 ft) high Renaissance tower, which was built in the mid-17th century on the foundations of a much older Gothic building.

The Mikluš Prison

Aside from the bustle of Hlavna (Main) Street and the pedestrian zone in the eastern district of Košice’s old historical town, in the alley, which still preserves the medieval atmosphere, stands Mikluš prison.


State Theater Košice

History of theater in Kosice has more than 600 years old tradition. The theater is more than 100 years old, and is an important historical monument and an important landmark of the historic center of Kosice.


St. Michael’s Chapel

The chapel, which can be found a short distance from St. Elisabeth Cathedral, comes from the 14th century. It represents the culmination of the gothic period and is surprising by its stylish precision, intimacy and harmony.


St. Elisabeth Cathedral

Kosice as the first (and so far only) city in Slovakia has its official 7 wonders. St. Elizabeth Cathedral is a first of them. The largest church in Slovakia with a capacity of over 5,000 people and the easternmost Gothic cathedral in Europe is a heart and center of Kosice.



A favorite summer spot of all those sexy residents of Kosice city, lake Bukovec is a recreation area that offers clean water and nice shores.

Vinné Lake

Situated just 10 km from Michalovce, north of Zemplinska Sirava dam, Vinne lake resort offers you everything for a great holiday in a wonderful forrested natural setting.



Ruzin dam is situated in the fabulous natural setting, not far from Kosice. The dam and its surroundings is a sought-after recreation place for many easterners.

Zemplínska Šírava

Well-known holiday resort of the biggest man-made lake in Slovakia provides exceptional conditions for water sports, fishing and hiking.


Palcmanská Maša

Palcmanská Masa is the largest water reservoir in the territory of the Slovak Paradise, created by the stream of Hnilec river. The reservoir is ​​about 85 ha large and contains a clean water perfect for summer activities.


Ski Mlynky

Holiday in the heart of the Slovak Paradise. SKI MLYNKY invites you to great skiing on its slopes and for the lovers of cross-country skiing there are kilometers of cross-country trails available.


Stratenský canyon

Take a wonderful relaxing walk (on foot or by bike) through the short and very romantic canyon of the Hnilec stream, which stretches between the villages of Stratena and the Dobsinska ice cave.


Geravy gorge

Geravy is the most beautiful shortest gorge of Slovak Paradise. An adventurous semi-demanding ascent up the stream leads to a beautiful meadow in the middle of the forest with a mountain hotel.


Slovenský Kras – Slovak Karst

The Slovak Karst is one of the most beautiful and charming areas in Slovakia. It is located in the east of Slovakia between Kosice and Roznava. The following places are worth visiting and you should see them if you want to explore the natural beauties of our country.


Ochtinská Aragonite Cave

Three generations of aragonite were discovered in the cave. The oldest is 138 thousand years old! Aragonite decoration in the shape of needles, tufts, branches, spirals, tips, sun and countless other forms was created by the activity of atmospheric waters in crystalline limestones of white and blue-gray color. The Milky Way Hall is perhaps the […]


Krásnohorská Cave

Rope girders, foot-bridges, ladders, extreme narrow spaces and other natural obstacies, all that awaits the visitor accompanied by a speleo-guide in Krasnohorska Cave, an UNESCO natural heritage site.


Jasovská Cave

Thanks to the enterprising monks from a nearby monastery, Jasovska cave is the oldest one in Slovakia open to the public – and that is since 1846.


Gombasecká Cave

This UNESCO listed cave in Slovak Karst has a specific feature: long tenuous sinter straws growing out of the ceiling. It’s fairytale flowstone rain!


Domica Cave

Domica Cave lies on the Slovak-Hungarian border and is part of a 25 km long cave system, out of which a quarter is located in Slovakia. It is a large (the largest in the Slovak Karst) and gorgeous. No wonder that UNESCO has added it to its list.


Dobšinská Ice Cave

One of the most famous ice caves in the world and the largest ice cave in Slovakia. The ice filling has a volume of 110.132 m3 and occurs in the form of ground ice, waterfalls, ice stalagmites and columns.



The main city of eastern Slovakia and the country’s second largest city (population roughly 250,000) offers a wider selection of services than anywhere outside of Bratislava.

Košický kraj – Kosice Region

Kosice region is the second largest region in Slovakia. It borders with Hungary and Ukraine. The terrain consists of two main land systems – the Eastern Slovak Lowlands and the Spis and Gemer karst.

Krásna Hôrka Castle

Krasna Horka (“Beautiful Hill”), majestic castle in the heart of Slovakia. Now in the reconstruction due to extensive fire in 2012.


Manor House of Betliar

This hunting estate of almost 50 rooms was owned by the noble Bebek family and then Andrássy family for centuries


Spiš Castle

In the lands of Spis, the north-western region of Eastern Slovakia, large castle is standing proudly on the hill above the plebs.


Slovak Paradise National Park

Slovak Paradise (Slovensky raj) features lively forests, wide meadows and plateaus, chasms, canyons, gorges, underground caves (as many as 350!) and garrulous waterfalls.


Košice Airport

Second largest airport in Slovakia is located 6 km south from the city centre, in Barca ward. It is easy to get to and from the airport by taxi.