Lupca Castle

Very preserved castle with bright white walls is standing on the road between Banska Bystrica and Brezno. An important route led here in medieval times - Via Manga.

The history of Lupciansky Castle, which stands at the foothill of the Low Tatras, goes a long way back. The first record comes from 1250.

The castle was greatly enjoyed by kings and lords. Many weddings took place here - and also hunts. The surrounding environment is splendid, full of forests and wildlife. Protected oaks and the precious, Corvinus's Lime tree, nearly 28 m tall and more than 700 years old, also grow in the area of the castle. The castle itself has survived in a very good condition until these days. 

In the upper area of the castle is 62 m deep well, carved into the rock cliff, with a tunnel. The exit from the tunnel leads near the castle.

A chapel is also very interesting, featuring a sacristy with richly painted wooden ceiling.

How to get there

You can get to Slovenska Lupca from Banska Bystrica or Brezno.

From the centre of the Slovenska Lupca village, it is only a short walk to the castle. Motorists can drive right to the castle area. The castle is accessible all year round in spite of the reconstruction. 

Opening hours

SeasonDays of operationOpening hours
July - August Tuesday - Sunday 10.00 – 15.30
September - June Only on demand  - 

 Entry fee for an adult is only 1 €, but if you want to photograph, prepare extra 15 €.


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