Devinska Kobyla

A 514 m high hill with adjacent forests and meadows is your perfect destination, if you enjoy relaxing hikes where you can admire the beautiful scenery and wander around places marked by ancient history.

Devinska Kobyla surprises with variety of flora and fauna not only within Slovakia, but Europe as well. That is why it was declared a National nature reserve.

Its advantage is that it lies not far from Bratislava, therefore some routes may start directly from Dubravka town district.

Hiking trails

Trail: Dubravka (bus stop) - Devinska Nova Ves - Devinska Kobyla - Devinska Nova Ves - Dubravka (bus stop)

Time: approx 3 hours

This route is comfortable for families with children over ten years. Relatively easy, less than a half-day tour, with elevation of about 350 meters, and well marked.

Devinska Nová Ves - Weitov lom

Trail length: 3 km

The route is easy, good for walks with little children over 3 years old.

Educational nature trail Devinska kobyla

Trail length: 4 km

Five information boards along the trail educate you about natural scarcity and rich history of this area.

Devinska Nova Ves - Karlova Ves

Trail length: 6 km

This trail is suitable for small children too.  An interesting part at the end of the trip can be a visit to the zoo.

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