Historic Old Town of Bratislava

Bratislava Old TownMuseum-lovers will find a limited but respectable variety, and shoppers can choose from a mix of international and local shops, aesthetes have many galleries to explore – but there is much to enjoy simply by walking around. Churches, town walls and palaces pay tribute to the centuries of history. Thematic and humorous bronze statues, and a laser light show on summer evenings, are more modern additions. When you’re tired and ready to relax, you can move to the Danube and just watch the great river flow.

Families enjoy the castle, and get even more from the spectacular half-ruined castle at Devin (a ten-minute drive up the Danube). Devin Castle features a variety of attractions, from historical displays of medieval combat to pony rides and other carnival-quality distraction. Another high point for kids is the Bibiana children’s museum, adjacent to St. Martin’s cathedral in the old town.

Some of the places visitors most like to see in Bratislava:

The Slovak National Museum, based in Bratislava, operates a number of museums and other institutions, including the following (generally housed separately):