Museum of coins and medals in Kremnica

The Museum of Coins and Medals is one of the oldest in Slovakia. Its expositions can be found in historic buildings that are part of the city’s monument reserve.


Mint in Kremnica

To this day, the Kremnica Mint maintains the primacy of the oldest enterprise, which has been operating continuously in Slovakia since the coinmakers received this privilege from King Karol Róbert of Anjou.


Water channel in the Rakytovo valley

In the middle of a quiet forest you will find a reconstructed water channel in the length of 2450 meters (1.5 miles) in the shape of a trough, made of coniferous wood.


Viglas Castle

The hotel and the castle in one in a beautiful setting was once an almost hopeless ruin. Today it is beautifully renovated and offers short-term and long-term recreation.


Sundial Drienčany

If you like Slovak fairy tales, regardless of age category, you will enjoy a trip to the magical Drienčany for their unusual sundial.


Fortified monastery Bzovík

Near the town of Krupina there is a freely accessible monastery, that can be visited with smaller children. Only ruins have been preserved, which is ideal for adventurous discovery.


Situated in the south of Slovakia between the towns of Roznava and Lucenec, water reservoir Ruzina has the best climate and very warm and calm water to make any swimmer or fisherman happy.

Teplý Vrch

Teply Vrch dam (translates as a “warm hill”) has the highest average water temperature in Slovakia. Nice sandy beaches and lots of things to do make it a perfect place to spend your day!

Ski, Golf & Hotel Resort Tále

Tale Ski Resort is located 17 km north from the town of Brezno, under the southern slopes of Chopok. The resort offers 6 ski lifts and ski slopes with a total length of almost 3 km.


PARK SNOW Donovaly

Located between Banska Bystrica and Ruzomberok on the corner of Velka Fatra and Low Tatras, PARK SNOW Donovaly is everything you need for an unforgettable ski experience: more than 11 km of ski runs, 17 downhill runs, artificially covered with snow, excellent terrains for free-riding, peppered with a lot of rails and obstacles, magical evening skiing, ski and snowboard […]


SKI Resorts of Slovakia

Slovakia has something for the skier at every level. Local ski runs in the most surprising places, or wonderful modern longer runs are never more than a 30 minute drive from just about everywhere in the country. The best skiing in Slovakia is at the highest altitudes. Most resorts range geographically to the northeast (Donovaly, High Tatras, […]

Muránska planina – Muran Plateau

Does your dream holiday include watching the dog sled race, collecting herbs, visiting cultural and folklore events, fishing, hiking and tasting the sheep cheese? If so, go on reading.

Harmanecká Cave

This cave is located in Velka Fatra, in Harmanecka valley. No wonder that it got stuck with a name “White Cave”. The top wall is of pure limestone and there is a rich presence of soft white sinter.


Cave of Dead Bats

Dead Bats Cave is located in the mountainous terrain and protected NAPANT area. It is a unique opportunity to visit a mysterious underground of Low Tatras.


Bystrianska Cave

The Bystrianska cave is located in the southern part of the Low Tatras in Banská Bystrica region, in close distance to the holiday resort of Tále.


Banská Štiavnica

Situated in the hills that once hid central Europe’s richest silver mines, Banska Stiavnica in south-central Slovakia is an easy day trip from Budapest, and a slightly longer day trip from anywhere in Slovakia.

Ľupča Castle

Very preserved castle with bright white walls is standing on the road between Banska Bystrica and Brezno. An important route led here in medieval times – Via Manga.