Windmill in Holíč

If you lived in Holland, this would not be of interest to you. However, there is only one preserved windmill in Slovakia, and therefore a rarity.


Holíč Castle

In the city park of Holíč, you can sit and taste trdelníky, a specialty from nearby Skalica. From the lower end of the park, information boards lead us to a national cultural monument, which was built in the 13th century.



The water reservoir Slnava, situated between the world famous spa town Piestany and the village Drahovce, is ideal for water sports and summer holiday.



Recreation area Kunov is just 5 km away from Senica. Except the nice grassy shore around the water dam, there is a 250 m long sand beach.

Driny Cave

Only a short walk from the Smolenice castle, in the picturesque Little Carpathians, lies a charming underground world full of peculiar stalactites and atmospheric ponds.



Piestany attracts many who seek health-oriented spa treatment, especially those who seek high value for the cost.

Trnavský kraj – Trnava Region

Trnava region is located in the southwestern part of Slovakia. Zahorie lowland, Little Carphatians and Danubian lowland form its territory. It borders with Austria, Hungary, Bratislava region, Trencin region and Czech republic. This territory belongs to the oldest cultural areas of Slovakia. It has been proved by finding the ancient archeological objects. The most famous is “Moravian Venus”. It […]

Smolenice Castle

A wonderful, romantic castle serves as a convention centre, used for conferences, symposia, seminars and weddings. Open for public in July and August.