Water mill in Bohunice

Behind the village of Bohunice, on the Sikenica stream, a homestead was built, which connected a private living space with a water mill, where a complete technical facility has been preserved and shows how flour was ground in the past.


Wheel Museum in Trenčín

In Trenčín you will find an interesting museum in which you will be able to see what the stone wheels from the period of 3500 BC looked like, to the wheels on which we are transported today.


Čachtice Museum

The Cachtice Museum is branch exhibitions of the Trencin Museum. It is housed in the former Draskovic Renaissance manor house.


Zelená Voda (Green Water)

You do not have to travel far if you want to experience a real swimming heaven – it’s the Green Water, near the town Nove Mesto nad Vahom, just a couple of minutes from the D1 motorway.

Nitrianske Rudno

A water dam in the western Slovakia, just 12 km from the spa town of Bojnice, lies in the picturesque valley between the Strazovske and Magura mountains.

Cave under Bojnice Castle

This little natural travertine cave under the castle is part of the Bojnice castle tour. It is interconnected with 26 m deep castle well.



One of Slovakia’s eight regional seats, Trencin in western Slovakia is one of the country’s most picturesque towns, with its distinguishing castle dominating the historical centre from above. Restaurants and shops, and the town’s grandest hotel, cluster around the town square.

Trenčiansky kraj – Trencin region

Trencin region is located in the north-western part of Slovakia. It is the region with famous history mixed with a strong dose of cultural wealth and natural attractions. Historical Sightseeings Trencin city belongs to one with the most historical towns in Slovakia. You definitely should not miss the Trencin castle which dates back to the Great […]

Beckov Castle

Standing on a steep high cliff above Vah – the longest river of Slovakia, magnificent ruins of Beckov castle are a dominant feature on the horizon.


Čachtice Castle

Ideally located ruin of “the mysterious castle in the Carpathian Mountains” was made famous particullary because of its last resident, chatelaine Elizabeth Bathory.


Trenčín Castle

The Trenčín Castle is a castle above the town of Trenčín, housing exhibitions of the Trenčín Museum. History of the castle goes back to the age of the Roman Empire.


Bojnice Castle

Romantic fairy-tale Bojnice Castle is one of the most visited and most attractive castles in central Europe. The Chateau is located near Prievidza, on the edge of the Strážovské vrchy mountains over the town of Bojnice.