Travel from Prague to Slovakia

Prague, the capital of the Czech Republic, is one of the most beautiful cities in the world and a popular tourist destination. Situated in the middle of Europe, Prague is a good gateway to explore the rest of Central Europe, with Slovakia being a great option to the East.

 From Prague to Slovakia by Train in 4 Hours

Several direct trains connect Prague with Bratislava and Kosice. While traveling to Bratislava or Western part of Slovakia, travel by train can be the optimal means of transport. Train travel in both countries is much cheaper than in Western Europe, quick and safe.

The train from Prague to Bratislava runs every two hours and takes about 4 hours, with the international EC and IC trains even faster and comfortable on a level comparable to trains anywhere in the world.

The train from Prague to Kosice (via Zilina and Poprad) takes roughly 10 hours and unless you want to enjoy the countryside and talk with fellow travelers it is recommended to take an overnight train with a couchette or bedroom. Please lock well the compartment door so your belongings are not robbed while you sleep, so passport control is the only hassle on your way.

For timetables and other important information please consult our Travel by train section.

 Bus from Prague to Slovakia

Trying to run a bit cheaper than trains, the price is the only advantage of taking a bus, thus a favorite means of travel for students. Regular bus lines are provided by various Czech and Slovak companies from Prague to Bratislava and to Kosice, stopping at a few other major cities on the way. The tickets can be purchased in the booking office, usually at Prague Florenc bus station – doing so a few days before the departure is recommended.

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 Flights from Prague to Slovakia

Daily flights from Prague to Bratislava (landing at Bratislava Airport) and from Prague to Kosice are provided by Czech Airlines ( and Danube Wings (

 Travel by car from Prague to Slovakia

The recommended route from Prague (D1) to Bratislava leads via Brno (D2 / E65) and the border crossing point is in Lanzhot/Brodske; while driving to Slovakia’s mountains also go via Brno, but cross the borders at Stary Hrozenkov/Drietoma to continue via Trencin (E50) and Zilina on the highway.

Czech Republic & Slovakia, EU

Both countries, although once forming a federal state, nowadays use different currency: Czech crowns (CZK) in the Czech Republic and Euro (EUR) in Slovakia. Both countries are included into the Schengen area, so passport control does not take place at the borders.