Travel by train

Train Transport in Slovakia

The train transport is one of the most important ways of travelling in Slovak Republic. The railways create a dense network in the whole country.

There are three main railway directions:

Bratislava – Zilina – Kosice
Bratislava – Zvolen – Kosice
Bratislava – Cervena Skala – Margecany

The trains are number one in transport for long distances in our country.

Travelling to Other Countries

You may even travel to neighboring countries by train. There is a direct connection to Prague, Vienna, Budapest, Warsaw and Moscow.

Travelling across Slovakia

The journey from Bratislava to Kosice lasts from five to six hours depending on type of train. It costs approximately 18-24 EUR depending on the type of train.

To find your train connection: Time tables
To learn more about Railways of Slovak Republic: Official Slovak Rail website

Types of Trains

EuroCity Trains (EC)

They offer high standard and quality of travelling. The wagons have air-conditioning and there is always a restaurant wagon. They connect European cities.

InterCity Trains (IC)

Intercity trains offer high standard of travelling, too. They travel within Slovakia and connect Slovak towns.

Express Trains (R)

Express trains connect bigger cities and are the basic unit of travelling in Slovakia.

Local Trains (Os)

Local train usually connects small towns and villages with bigger cities or larger towns.

Semi fast train

An addition to express train, it carries passengers to short and medium distances.

To High Tatras by Train

If you want to visit the most beautiful mountains in Slovakia, you should definitely come to High Tatras. How to get there? First, you have to get off at the railway station Poprad-Tatry. Then, you can use the services of Tatra electrical railways which are ecological and can transport a large number of people. You will get to Stary Smokovec, Strbske Pleso and Tatranska Lomnica this way. There are 15 trams together. Cog railway is the only cog electronic railway in Slovakia. It will take you to from Strba to Strbske Pleso.

Historical Trains


If you want to experience a historical journey in Slovakia, you should visit Kysuce area. The historical logging switchback railway in Vychylovka is really unique and the only train of its type operating in Slovakia. It is a Slovak national heritage railway for tourists and you can travel 3,6 km. The ticket for adult costs 4 EUR.

Vychylovka on map:  023 05 Nová Bystrica – Vychylovka

Ciernohronska Railway

If you are really into historical trips and want to admire wonderful nature of Slovakia, do not omit Cierny Hron railway which was originally built for logging. Today, it is a historical attraction and it operates daily in tourist season. There is also a summer observatory wagon and the train has manual braking system. One ticket costs from 1, 5 to 11 EUR depending on the kind of journey you want to take.

Ciernohorska Railway on map: Hlavná 56, 976 52 Čierny Balog