Buses and other alternatives

Domestic Bus Lines

The bus is the cheapest way of getting around. Travel direct to some smaller towns in Slovakia is possible only by bus, it is the only means of transport between towns and villages where there is no railway connection. However, travelling by bus might get tedious, especially for long distances. Some buses stop at the bus stops which are of no importance and the time of transport prolongs.


MHD – shortcut for “public city transport

MHD are buses which travel in towns. If you want to use town or city transport, you have to buy a bus ticket which usually costs up to 1 EUR. You can buy the ticket from a bus driver or in machines at the bus stops. In two biggest towns of Slovakia – Bratislava and Kosice, it is possible to buy the fare ticket via mobile by SMS. Except for buses, trams and trolleys transport passengers in larger towns.

International Bus Travel

If you travel on low budget, the bus is an ideal way how to travel to foreign countries from Slovakia. The following buslines belong to the biggest ones in Slovakia.

Bus & Train Travel Time Tables

The following combined website is very useful for combining bus and train travel. The search function will give optimal combinations of multiple buses, trains, and bus-train combinations. It is a comprehensive source of information for bus travel inside Slovakia: www.cp.sk